Masaniamman Kundam Festival

It is festive time at Masaniamman Temple for last two weeks… Temple is decorated with lights and it is music, free food and multiple entertainment for this two week…

They call it Kundam Festival where 1000’s of people will run over fire like this;  

They call Masaniamman as goddess of Mayanam(Burrial Ground) and the final rituals for the goddess happens at a Burrial Ground…

Below are the grand light work around the temple!!!

Lighting of Lord Ganesha!!!

Lighting of Godess Masaniamman

Lighting around the Gopiram(Temple Entrance Tomb)

People cooking for Anna Dhanam(Free Food)

People coming out after collecting the free food!!!

A festival celebrated after 3 years!!

I remember Ganesh Chadurthi 2012 was the last festival celebrated happily with dad.

Subsequent festivals couldn’t be celebrated happely because of my dads hospitalisation!!!

Then dad passed away last year back and as per HINDU customs we were not supposed to celebrate any festival for a year!!

It’s been a year since my dad left us and this Tamil New Year 2015 is a festival celebrated after 3 years!! 


Let this new year begin a new chapter in our life with blessings from Dad!!

And தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்(Happy Tamil New Year) to everybody!!! 


K.Sivanesan & Family!!!