Laziness wins

Yesterday I took oath that I’ve to goto GYM from today and keep myself fit… Unusually I even woke up early only to fine my sister took the car out for temple… So, I had very good first reason to convince myself for bunking for the day…

But I didn’t want to give up and I thought I can take some time and got there… Then I switched on the TV to see the News of Osama’s death… Then this was the second reason for bunking my workout…

Then I kept fighting to myself and when I wanted to get ready all my workout kits were scatteres and my ipod was missing… Reason three was anger for not having things on hand…

By now I was convinced that it was not my day to goto GYM & I postponed things for tomorrow… FINALLY LAZINESS WON!!!

Score – New Fitness Studio in Chennai

Day before yesterday i got an invite to the launch of a new fitness studio called SCORE. It was one big launch with

  • Full star studded audience & whose who of Chennai.
  • Launch was done by India Cements Srinivasan.
  • Snacks, beverages & food served by a star hotel.
  • High class fitness equipments.
  • On the main road of TTK road.
  • Uniform designed by renowned designer.

No wonder it has such big launch since because it is launched by one big man Mr.Ajith Shetty who was previously with FitnessOne.

I immediately enrolled on the launch day and still i was the 34th member. Hope this place would be happening for couple of days.