Home Alone

For the whole day I’ve been at home all alone. Yes no mom’s nagging, no travelling, no meetings and no friend’s visits. But was picking calls and was online so some office work is done. So what is special staying alone at home?

It means a lot time to; 

  • Think back and cherish the best moments in life.
  • Think back into horror moments and see how we overcame those situations.
  • Understanding our mistakes and thinking of solutions.

Over all got a good opportunity for self-realization.

Secondly staying alone means freedom. 

  • Got up very late.
  • Didn’t take bath till evening.
  • Had some grub by evening.
  • Then washed cloths @ 10 o clock in the night.
  • Staying awake without mom’s interference at 4 o clock in the morning and blogging.
  • Watching TV channels of my likes. No Airtel Super Singer or reality shows.

Whole day lived a life which was total indiscipline and been myself. Again back to business from tomorrow and let me close the day without knowing if I’ll get a chance again like this.

Signing off for now… Good Night…