Being AnandNataraj

I’ve blogged about this often and I think I’ll be blogging about this topic in future too…. For those who keep reading about this often; please excuse me because I use my blog as a tool for expression…

It all started when I uploaded a bunch of pictures while consuming toddy…. Immediately I started getting advice from my friends to delete it or to make it visible only to certain friends…. Though they advised me as a well wisher…. I didn’t want to follow what they said…

So what are the effects of posting such a picture?

  • My image as a entrepreneur gets a beating…
  • My marriage could get affected because of this…

But if I start thinking about what people will think of me…. I’ll start leading a false life & over a point I might loose my Identity…. For me I want to me as open as possible…. Though I paid heavy prices for this openness I don’t want to change because of some bad experiences….

Though there might be certain hiccups initially once I become big acceptance will get bigger…. Some great personalities are;

  • Vijay Mallaya
  • Richard Branson

These people have shown me path for leading a life as we like and never bother about society or succumb to pressure it gives….

So what is Being AnandNataraj?

  • Someone who doesn’t bother about society and lives life for himself is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who give damn for Privacy is Being AnandNataraj
  • Someone who has the guts & fire on the a$$ is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who thinks RISK & failure is a part of life is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who is a Decision maker even it is right or wrong is Being AnandNataraj….
  • Someone who agrees his failures / mistakes / embarrassments is Being AnandNataraj….

Though it is hard for common people to accept me and my acts…. I’m happy Being AnandNataraj thought my actions leads to criticism, embarrassment etc.