Just realized Age is just a number!!!

Age has always been a FACTOR in my life… I’ve always judged people with their age… When I use to take up computer classes during college days there were a bunch of people who were in their 30’s and I thought what these folks were upto in their 30’s… When I was in my 20’s when I see 30+ people in party I use to wonder what these folks got to do at that age… When I was nearing my 30’s it was the most uncomfortable part in my life… Until a year ago I was very reluctant to reveal my real age… I fake my age as 29 where ever I was asked to disclose (Even my FaceBook age was 25 until a year)…

Slowly I’ve started to come to terms and for last 6 months I’ve started revealing my real age :)… But these days I started believing age is just a number… Hollywood which use to accept heroine till 30’s has started to accept 40+ heroine’s too… Bollywood where heroine’s retire after touching there 30’s have started to prolong their career… Infact a lot of heroine in Bollywood has made their debut in their 30’s and they they have reached their peak in their mid 30’s…

Was researching about Bollywood heroine’s and was fascinated to see a bunch of top heroine’s were 30+… This must give me more reasons to be transparent on my age and in-fact be proud and understand even 30+ is a young age :)…

[wptabtitle] Age of Heroine[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Karishma Kapoor – 31
Priyanka Chopra – 30
Sunny Leone – 31
Nargis Fakhri – 31
Vidya Balan – 34
Bipasha Basu – 32
Chitrangada Singh – 36
Aishwarya Rai – 38
Mallika Sharawat – 36
Rani Mukerji – 34[/wptabcontent]


Is beauty everything???

“An army officer comes shouting that they have killed the beast; for which the director tells The Beauty Killed the Beast” and there ends the movie KingKong. For those who have not seen the movie here is a small synopsis;

A movie crew goes to shoot a movie in a forest and the crew get lost and the heroine would be rescued by a Chimpanzee & eventually the beast falls in love with the beautiful heroine. Once the heroine comes back to the mainland the beast follows and eventually would be killed by the army fearing it would harm the people.

Likewise last Sunday went to have dinner with my friends & the entire restaurants eyeballs fell on this pretty women. She was accompanied by a guy who was simply UGLY. There was a spontaneous question from one of my friend;

Why aren’t we lucky like him Bro?

Then there was some reply from everyone of us for that question;

  • I said we didn’t take enough time to run behind girls as we were busy in our pursuit. We were unable to spare the quality time which they expect us to spend.
  • One said beautiful girls are arrogant & it was better we didn’t get such girls in our life.
  • One said if we need such a girl we must be rich to manage them.
  • One who put the question said we don’t have luck.

By this time the girl finished her dinner and left the joint and we all look at her with a deep breath & as usual we were back with our agenda.

What every the answer might be we are all attracted towards beauty.