Captivity of Mangalorean Catholics by Tippu Sultan

I was Googleing about actress Genelia D’Souza and came to know that she belongs to Mangalorean Catholic and it kindled me to know more about the community. On looking about the community I came to know that Tippu Sultan took siege of Mangalore Fort and took 60000 Mangalorean Catholics as refugees and most of them were forced to convert to Islam or Killed for helping British in Second Anglo-Mysore War. When British defeated and killed Tippu Sultan only less than 9000 survived out of 60000. Where in 21000 women and 9000 men converted to Islam and remaining Killed.

After getting released from captivity the community became very much united and has become so wealthy. Lot of bad things has been removed from history it is good to see from a point. But it is interesting to look into our history. Visit “Captivity of MC’s by Tippu” to know more.