New Year Bash

Last year I had a silent new year and this year I was determined to have a great bash. When I was brainstorming the way to spend this New Year. I got a call from my friend KaviRaj of AreaPal. He invited me to Yogi-B event, which he co-hosted. 

When I asked one of my friends he said we could accept the invitation, as Dr.Burn was his friend & also our music director friend BoBo Sashi wanted to make it. 

Upon reaching the place by 10 PM Kavi asked us to keep the expectations low. On entering the place it was absolute ciaos. People were upset; 

  • For poor service.
  • Shortage of food.
  • Bouncers handled things badly. 

But we enjoyed to the core because; 

  • We got free invitation and we had nothing to loose on service or food shortage.
  • Co-organizer KaviRaj was on his high and I enjoyed with his company.
  • Since we had BoBo & Rooban (Dr.Burn’s Friend) we got linked with YogiB & Dr.Burn.
  • We added fuel on the angry crowd and enjoyed their actions. 

Over all it was an electrifying New Year party. Thank you Kavi, Rooban & BoBo. 

These were the snaps taken with YogiB, BoBo & Dr.Burn.