Learning to Cope with the Hard Reality of Lost Friendships

I can relate to the quote ‘Lonely I’m soo lonely, I’ve no buddy on my own’ as it resonates with my current situation. Since childhood, I had a large group of friends, and I made sure to stay in touch with them regularly, expanding my social circle as I grew older.

However, over the past few years, I have lost almost all of my friends. Some friendships ended because I borrowed money from them, creating a rift between us. In other cases, I lent money to friends, and when I needed help, they were unable to support me, causing the relationship to crumble.

During a difficult time, I noticed a change in their behavior towards me, and many of them stopped talking to me without any explanation. It’s a tough realization, but I understand now that no relationship is guaranteed to last forever.

I am doing my best to accept this new reality and come to terms with the hard truth of relationships.