Suffering from Severe Back Pain :((


Suffering from serious Back pain for almost 9 months & for last two months pain has been severe…

Made a post on FaceBook and to my surprise most of my friends and relatives have overcome same problem at some point… They passed on how they overcame the problem…

Though there were different solutions there was one common recommendation from everyone…


Here are some recommendations from friends & relatives;

Arunachalam Sivakumar: Pls go to arya vydya sala next to elahi agencies……u will get gud treatment and better back

Arunachalam Sivakumar: another one is cure clinic, tnagar mahalakshmi st, behind sm silks Dr.Dinesh, homoeo treatment, 100% trustworthy

Alagappan Karthikeyan: i suggest for a 2 days fasting and from third day take amla juice as breakfast, drink sidha tea, i suffered the same and feeling better after using these, dont go for alopathy.feel free to contact me for any more info.
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Murugavelan AnandShanmugam: Oh bad, take care Anand Nataraj. You can try Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandram at R A Puram, too.

Suresh Ramasamy: Anand, get an MRI done for your lower back. If you have been sitting for too long for this many years, you might have developed Spine Stenosis. The best exercise is swimming and try to swim at least 3 times a week.

Anand Nataraj: @Suresh Ramasamy Doctor has recommended to go for MRI… BUT MY physio said this can be solved without MRI and he has also asked me to swim… Can I go for swimming without MRI??

Suresh Ramasamy: Swimming will definitely help. But before taking any specific exercise regimen or medication it’s better to confirm it through an MRI.

Vijayan Muthu: Try YOGA !!!

Jyotsna Ramachandran: Physiotherapy is effective. Kotakkal Aryavaidya sala also prescribes some massage oils. They also send experienced people to do the massage.

Alagappan Karthikeyan: kinldy visit, thats vasi yoga and sidha medicine core production unit in vadakara. i can assure you 100% relief, yes you have to be fasting without taking any drink also, even if possible dont swallow your saliva too. it may be childish for some angle, but i am telling this from my own experience. if u need any more info pls dont hesitate to call me +91 88835 11188

Rooban Yadav: Try KYM it u will defntly feel the difference.. Personally i see a good development if u lie down in a flat surface for 30 mins a day..

Raviraman Odiyur R: Anand do try Sanjeevanam. They are very good. Peripa is a recent beneficiary. And be regular on Yoga and exercise. Get well soon,

Karthika G Krishnan: Welcome to the Back pain club anyways take proper physio it will get alright within max max a week

Rajendren Odiyur: Anand please call and try to talk to me. It is about the treatment for back pain. I will give you my experience. You can take your own decision.

From Alleppey to Chennai

My original plan after my tour of Alleppey was to get back to Madurai and then return to Chennai. But i was scared of Laxman’s driving and i decided to get back to Chennai directly as i had a company with Rooban. So this is what happened;

  • We had no bus from Alleppey but there was a train by 4 PM. Rooban assumed it would be full and he suggested going to Cochin will give us more options.
  • We boarded a Bus to Cochin with was one and half hour drive from Alleppey.
  • Cochin was hot but was very nice city with was calm & had all attributes of a city.
  • We got down and went to a place called M.G.Road which was a shopping area having lots of Big shopping centers.
  • The same road had offices of many Private bus operators office & all the busses to Chennai were full.
  • Then we took another auto and went to government bus-stand. Here all busses to Chennai have already left. Also bus to Pondycherry was full.
  • Then we took an auto and went to Railway station only to find all trains running full.
  • Then again came back to Government Bus-stop.
  • Only choice was to board a bus to Coimbatore and the choice were a Trivandrum – Coimbatore bus which was about to come by 4.30 & a bus to Coimbatore from Cochin by 5.30.
  • Since it was 3 o clock we had to wait till 4.30 & all bus had route names in malayalam and things were again confusing.
  • Still bus to Coimbatore hasn’t arrived and we decided to board a bus to Tirupur and thought of boarding a bus to Coimbatore from there.
  • When we sat we got an announcement telling Trivandaram – Coimbatore bus has arrived and we were lucky to get a cramped last seat.
  • We had a hectic bumpy journey and we travelled through Tirupur – Palakkad & finally reached Coimbatore by 11 PM.
  • Coimbatore is a place which doesn’t have a night life. Even second show movies starts by 8.30. Hotels gets closed by 10 PM.
  • All bus to Chennai have left & again we had to work on options.
  • We had a choice of leaving to our relatives house and start the next day. But i didn’t want to do that because the hard travel from Alleppey will become useless.
  • We were lucky to get a cramped Mini bus which was overly dumped and no space to even stretch our legs.
  • We had to immediately board the bus and we have no time to have dinner too.
  • Then after 2 hours of drive driver stopped to have some tea and there i had a Maaza and we started again.
  • Finally the bus reached Chennai by 9.30 AM.

Finally reached Chennai after a hectic travel for 21 consecutive hour. All this was possible only because of the the Ayurvedic Massage i had in Alleppey which kept my body cool.