Next 2 days with NDOT

With my friend NDot!!! Next two days is going to be knowledge sharing, experience sharing, motivation, entrepreneurship et more…


Interview with Mr.Nandakumar, Founder Ndot

Today I’m proud to be with Mr.Nandakumar, Founder Ndot… Nanda is a budding entrepreneur with lots of business ideas and passion for technology… Let us get more from horse mouth…

Q. Hello Nanda. First of all tell us about yourself?

A. I’m a cool guy, much interested in advanced internet technologies.

Q. When & how did your entrepreneur desire started & evolved?

A. In the beginning I was inspired by Microsoft Bill gates and wanted to run a big firm like him. Name “N.” was taken in my college days itself. But did nothing big till 2006. My inspiration is my Dad, he chosen different path in our village, still learning so many things from him.

Q. Tell us how Ndot took shape?

A. Well, I started it to focus on Social Media solution. We started “N.” with 3 guys. Currently we have employee base of 9 for providing solutions to many clients. Our main aim is not to deliver the code like a web company. We should deliver the result, co-create & provide options.

Q. Tell the challenges you faced (Pre formation & post formation)?

A. First of all we had initial investment of 0, We reinvested the revenues to make our company grow. Challenge we faced and facing is Cash Flow. And I can say that will be the biggest thing for every (startup) company. I had few failure startups before “N.”, learned so many things from those failure with which I gained expertise in business & Social Media.

Q. Tell us about Ndot’s business model?

A. Our business model is totally based on Products & services ( Both mostly on Social Media ). We also have our own startup stuff, which will be our unique thing.

Q. Tell us about Ndot’s services & products?

A.  We providing services & solutions in Social Networking, Business solution for social media. Currently we are developing 2 to 3 products. We developed our own social networking framework to make our development very faster. Also we plan to launch that application as Opensource soon.

Q. Do you feel the impact of recession? How do you plan to overcome this recession?

A. Impact, actually no, sometimes I feel when I don’t have good cash flow. Don’t have plans to overcome, but reading lots of books/articles/news. I don’t want to think about recession when working, I feel there are lots of opportunities to crack. Economic downturn, there are lot of problems in the economy. That means for an entrepreneur there are lots of new opportunities are available to solve. Recession needs us.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. We will rock the web One day. Have good future scope on semantic & AI web, and started focusing on it. Working on educational startup, aim to release soon.

Q. What is your advice for new startups and wannabe entrepreneurs?

A. Make sure everyone have good cash flow every month. Do some services side, to make your company for long run. Keep running with your concept side by side, which is going to make you unique.

=====> End of interview <=====

Thank you very much Nanda for sparing your valuable time with us and it was really inspiring to be with you. Your answers were really inspiring and motivation… I’m sure this interview will kindly the egos of many wannabe entrepreneurs and will make them jump into the world of entrepreneurship…

We wish you all the very best for your initiatives and wish to see Ndot a major force when it comes to Social networking or education or retail…