A half-baked day

I must be angry on myself as today has been an half baked day :(;

  • Woke up late and was late by an hour for Bala’s meeting.
  • Had to cancel an important meeting with Bala half way as i had a sudden appointment from a candidate whom i’ve planned to hire for Sales position.
  • When I selling CCS and vision to the candidate she got a call from her boss who asked her to report immediately to office  and she had to leave half way.
  • Being frustrated I drove back to office only to notice office was closed and I didn’t have the keys. Overall making it an unnecessary drive.
  • Then wanted to chill and went to pick my friend Kaviraj. Inspite of calling him 10 min before & intimating him that i’ll be in office. Got a call from him that he needs 10 min to come and i had to wait for 20 more him.
  • While waiting on the corner of the road a lady cop knocked the door asking me to leave. Making me more angry as we are loosing the freedom to even wait on the corner of the road.
  • Then went to PVR cinemas with Kavi only to find all good movies are full.
  • Then thought of discussing the strategy for Social Media School with Kavi & again we were unable to concentrate on it because of many distractions.
  • Got a call from my PM that a task I gave them was completed. After reaching home just check the task it was not working properly.

Now as a pessimist I can think this is not my day and sleep. As an optimist I can think it was a 50% successful day & one more day i can finish the balance 50% work and enjoy 100% success.

Since my blood group is B+ve I choose the second option of thinking like an optimist and end the day.