Unquenchable Desires: Navigating the Joy and Pain of Love

Love is a powerful emotion that can make us feel both joy and pain. It can be difficult to express our feelings to someone, especially if we fear rejection. When unquenchable desires keep appearing, they can pierce our hearts and leave us feeling scared and vulnerable.

For me, expressing my love is like walking on a tightrope. It takes courage and a leap of faith to tell someone how I feel, but the fear of rejection can be paralyzing. I stir her name every day in my soul, but the trial she walks is like a shadow that I can never catch.

The hesitation in expressing my love is like a heavy weight on my chest. It’s as if I’m constantly holding my breath, waiting for the right moment to exhale. But the longer I wait, the harder it becomes. The dumbness and infatuation are like two halves that keep killing me every day.


Much needed on at the moment


6 years ago when his sister suddenly passed away – he quit on life. Stop working completely, cut off relationships and shut himself out from the world. Literally has done nothing for 6 years and not knowing how to get out of his despair.

He asked me for help and I said, ‘meet me half way and put in the work’…

I’m committed to this man to show him there’s a great life out there worth living and will help create an opportunity for him to get ahead.

Running thru the same despair for my ailing dad. Time to carry myself, my mother & sister out of this.