First Pongal Celebration at New Home!!

Pongal PabariPongal Panai Food Dedicated to God!!

This is the first Pongal in our new Home!! I’m out of country and it’s all single handily done by Yamuna!!!

Missing the sweetness of Pongal and Home!!

Living with zero cash

Exactly on 25th January all my liquid cash has exhausted. This is because;

  • Of under performance during the month of December and kudos to X’Mas & New Year.
  • New Year bash expenditure.
  • Pongal holidays drained some liquidity as i watched two movies for pongal & i drove a lot.
  • As per my new year resolution i brought a iPod shuffle.
  • Brought some Golf Gears.
  • Saarang IIT cultural had suck some money.

All the above mentioned reasons were addition to my weekend parties, traveling & movie watch. You all can wonder how i managed to live for last one week??

Courtesy to credit cards. I’ve been traveling places without a single rupee and still enjoying to the core… Living without money and passing time is one of the best experiences i’ve ever come across.