A half-baked day

I must be angry on myself as today has been an half baked day :(;

  • Woke up late and was late by an hour for Bala’s meeting.
  • Had to cancel an important meeting with Bala half way as i had a sudden appointment from a candidate whom i’ve planned to hire for Sales position.
  • When I selling CCS and vision to the candidate she got a call from her boss who asked her to report immediately to office  and she had to leave half way.
  • Being frustrated I drove back to office only to notice office was closed and I didn’t have the keys. Overall making it an unnecessary drive.
  • Then wanted to chill and went to pick my friend Kaviraj. Inspite of calling him 10 min before & intimating him that i’ll be in office. Got a call from him that he needs 10 min to come and i had to wait for 20 more him.
  • While waiting on the corner of the road a lady cop knocked the door asking me to leave. Making me more angry as we are loosing the freedom to even wait on the corner of the road.
  • Then went to PVR cinemas with Kavi only to find all good movies are full.
  • Then thought of discussing the strategy for Social Media School with Kavi & again we were unable to concentrate on it because of many distractions.
  • Got a call from my PM that a task I gave them was completed. After reaching home just check the task it was not working properly.

Now as a pessimist I can think this is not my day and sleep. As an optimist I can think it was a 50% successful day & one more day i can finish the balance 50% work and enjoy 100% success.

Since my blood group is B+ve I choose the second option of thinking like an optimist and end the day.


Manae Pyar Kyu Kiya Rocks…

Fifteen years after his debut movie “Manae Pyar Kiya” meaning I’m in love, Salman Khan has matured in all aspects like acting, dancing & also in real life too, his latest movie “Manae Pyar Kyu Kiya” meaning Why I’m in love, shows his personal love experiences thanks to ash.

Regarding the movie it is a mind-blowing comedy, really first half was kick ass than the second half, a typical David Dhawan movie… Good comedy movie after Munna Bhai MBBS…It was a great night out with friends in PVR Cineplex Bangalore…