Rocket Singh Review

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year simply rocks. I really loved the movie as I can draw lots of parallels to the movie and my life. 

I don’t have words to describe the acting skills of Ranbir Kapoor and I’m becoming his fan. He has shown so much maturity and versatility in his acting. I think he has given 3 successful movies in this year alone. And I’m sure this kid is to travel a long way in his career. 

Talking about the director Shimit Amin we have to say he has given yet another spectacular movie after Ab Tak Chappan & Chak De! India and I’ve loved watching both the movies. Now this guy has joined my favorite directors list and will watch all the movies which come from him. 

I must say it is a low budget movie, has very realistic scenes and duly supported by casts. 

Here is the Plot (Courtesy: Wikipedia) 

Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) is an aspiring salesman working in a computer firm called AYS (At Your Service). His boss insults and sidelines him when his refusal to bribe a customer costs the company dear. Boss’s anger results in extra workload for Harpreet’s colleagues and they vent their frustration by throwing paper rockets at him at work.

Koena (Gauhar Khan), another dissatisfied employee, gives him a sales opening. Soon Harpreet is running a parallel business in the name of Rocket Sales Corporation with the help of other dissatisfied employees and resources of the company. He has pangs of conscience about misusing the company’s facilities, and once decides to tell all to the boss, but drops the idea when the boss insults him severely.

Rocket Sales Corporation is soon doing well with Harpreet, Koena, Chhote Lal Mishra the office peon and Giri the service engineer. They are discovered by the sales manager Nitin Rathore, but he too joins them. Rocket sales Corporation starts doing well enough to make a serious dent into sales of AYS.

Puri, the boss at AYS, finds out the identity of the people at Rocket Sales Corporation and files a police case against them. Harpreet agrees to sell his business to AYS as a deal to drop the charges. Puri is pleased to acquire the successful rival business, but he soon learns that he can’t match the service and quality Harpreet’s team was giving to the customers. One by one, customers of Rocket Sales Corporation desert AYS.

In the final denouement Puri has a change of heart and accepts defeat. Harpreet and his friends get their business back. Along the way love blossoms between Harpreet and Sherena, who happened to be his first customer.

I must say this is a must watch movie.


Sleepy & Enjoyable Sunday

It has been long that I slept like a mad guy. Last week I was enjoying researching about Internet Marketing & Offline marketing and I had to work till late hours. So I was deprived of good sleep the whole week. 

Yesterday I didn’t have any calls from friends to party and after visiting CEO LifeStyle’09 I straight went to my home & after having brief calls with friends I immediately crashed to bed by around 11.30 in the night and got up only by 4.30 evening the next day. Nothing can compensate for a undisturbed sleep and again I must thank my friends for not disturbing me for week end outings. 

Then I got a call from Balaji by 4:30 which was the wakeup call and also I didn’t want to sleep any longer. Also it has been a long time since I’ve been with Balaji. I always enjoyed hanging around with Balaji as we shared common thoughts. But since he is engaged I didn’t want to take much of his time and I stopped calling him out.

Since he called me and asked if we can go out for a movie? I accepted the invitation without thinking a second. So we both were hungry and we drove to mayajaal and booked tickets for Rocket Singh & went for dinner. For the first time I can say I have had a delicious food at mayajaal food court. 

I & Balaji spoke about multiple things that happened in between our previous meeting. So, none of the topic was discussed in detail. 

Then we watched a wonderful movie Rocket Singh and returned back again discussing multiple things. 

Then once reaching our home we bid adieu each other as we enjoyed the day and also went out after a long time.