Living with zero cash

Exactly on 25th January all my liquid cash has exhausted. This is because;

  • Of under performance during the month of December and kudos to X’Mas & New Year.
  • New Year bash expenditure.
  • Pongal holidays drained some liquidity as i watched two movies for pongal & i drove a lot.
  • As per my new year resolution i brought a iPod shuffle.
  • Brought some Golf Gears.
  • Saarang IIT cultural had suck some money.

All the above mentioned reasons were addition to my weekend parties, traveling & movie watch. You all can wonder how i managed to live for last one week??

Courtesy to credit cards. I’ve been traveling places without a single rupee and still enjoying to the core… Living without money and passing time is one of the best experiences i’ve ever come across.


Hammer Fall Made me Fall

Yesterday I went to the rock concert of Hammer Fall organized at SAARANG yearly IIT-M cultural. It’s been 8 years since I attended SAARANG which I use to be a regular. The visit took me to my college days where we would be deprived of money and we would long to make up for concerts.

This time money was not a problem and we went for the expensive ticket with which we can go near the troop. It has been an electrifying experience.

I didn’t know I carry such stamina. I danced nonstop for 4 hours. We stood on the first row from where folks were playing. We danced. We banged with each other. Then we had some grub danced on the steps. 

Other aspect is the way concert was organized. Everything was handled by professionals and it was absolutely delight to the eyes. Also sponsors were all biggies and I think they would have got value for their money.

Didn’t know how four hours had gone. Even as a student I didn’t try such dancing experiments. My friend has taken video of how I danced and will soon publish it in

Confused Planning

I’m known for bad planning for giving appointments to friends. Since i’ve a huge friends base and i want to accommodate everyone during my one and half day break during weekends. This leads to lot of commission and confusion. I’m really confused on how to overcome this situation. Today i’ve given following appointments;

  • Promised to goto furniture ship and order for 2 PC tables.
  • Promised to friends to make it to SAARANG (IIT-M Culturals) by 5:30 PM.
  • Promised to meet a friend of my friend and they are on their way.
  • Promised to meet my ex-GYM instructor by evening.
  • Promised to meet my financial advisor by evening.

I’m sure I’m gonna bounce couple of promises. But i don’t know how to take control over these kind of situations…