Deteriorating Service Levels

In India government organizations are known for their poor Service Standards.  Problem with Indians is acceptance of service offered. We must keep it in mind that Government staff’s are paid salary from our tax money and even for Government Sectors which generates revenue they have the luxury of getting a government bailout from our tax money when they fall sick.

Imagine if our Government servants improve their service standards how profitable they can become and even with profit making units profit margin can be improved. Yesterday I was discussing with my friend how BSNL was functioning under Dhayanidhi Maran when he was the IT & Communication minister. Service Levels shot up and new initiatives took shape quickly. I’m not sure about the controversies he pulled with Tata’s and with his granduncle M.Karunanidhi but to general public he showed great progress. I really saw how things progressed under him and how it is going back to dogs under the current minister.

Another sad part is the Service Standards getting down with Private Institutions too. I had really tough time with ICICI bank after getting their credit card. Finally I went to nodal officer and got things clarified. But even there I get annoyed as I keep getting an email from the nodal officer where he sends this particular line on each and every mail

Attempts were made to contact you on your mobile number 09841430004. However, there was no response.

I’ve informed him about the change in mobile number and we have even exchanged conversation. But I’m not sure why he keeps sending those lines along with the update he sends to me.

Other thing is the Service standards with Private Omni busses and I’ve written a blog about how their services were 15 years back. Today they are on par with government busses when it comes to service standards. Yesterday when i was returning to Chennai from Madurai a passenger fell down because of a big hole in the bus which was covered by carpet. When the passenger said they must have taken steps to cover it with some solid material or must have kept a sign board. That passenger & I got annoyed with drivers response, he said “Even many passengers are getting slipped because of that hole as asked if they are complaining? He asked the customer to sit without conveying an apology”.

When I wanted to sue ICICI bank for falsely adding my name in defaulters list even after making settlement. My advocate said I’ll get a max settlement of 30K – 50K if I go to consumer court. Considering the amount of legal work which I had to do along with my attorney and after paying attorneys service charges I end up getting nothing in my hand. So I backed off from filing a case against the bank. There are many people who would have stayed back for the same reason. If our legal system offers more stringent damages to the affected customers like in US or European countries we can end up getting better services.

I know there is no use in complaining rather than acting. This is the max I cat do at the moment and let me prey some nice hearted person taking up this issue and get us respite from poor service standards from public and private institutions.