Itz a Rainy day

Today day started sluggishly as I woke up only by 10 o clock and I missed to goto GYM. After that I browsed for some time and I started to office by 12 in the noon. It was raining fully and I drove enjoying the rain. 

On reaching office the office was closed and no one was seen in the office. Then I called Bala and his was talking to a client and didn’t pick my call. Then I thought I had to wait long or to drive back home. 

Then got a call from Bala and he opened the door as he was sitting inside. Then it was business as usual. I finished the entire pending task and engaged with some business discussion with Bala. 

Three of our staff was on leave and one went to client’s office. So Bala was fully free and had good opportunity to discuss important things without disturbance. Then we started from office by 6.30 PM and we went to coffee shop. 

We decided to goto Coffee Central as itz been long we have been there and again we were talking personal and business. Then we decided to go for shopping & Bala has got a SMS from Special Editions saying there is an offer. 

I wanted to buy 2 shirts to gift my friends for birthday and I got a Clock for free. Then I returned back home and it was a happy day as I finished many work and more importantly finance related things. 

It is always motivating if we have good liquidity and plan things.