Pasha – The Disco Experience

This saturday (21/11/1009) i went to Pasha a Discotheque in Chennai. Itz been 2 years since i’ve been to a Discotheque. A lot has changed since then.

This time i went along with a couple of celebrities and a relative of a MP. So, we were allowed in as Stacks. Since i went with celebrities i got linked with Richard, Gayatri Raghuram & Narein.

This time it was a electrifying experience as danced with some celebrity girls and with some expats.

Time ran so fast and now-a-days timings has been cut short to 1AM, previously discos were open till 3 AM. I was not in a mood to end the day.

When i made up my mind to wrap the day. There came a surprise. Udayanidhi Stalin entered the floor by 1 AM and he stayed for 2 more hours and we were able to hang around till 3 AM.

Then we went to TAJ to have my favorite Gilli Briyani. Over all my Credit Card burned. But it was a day to cherish after a long long time.

Then reached home by 4 AM and did some office work and slept by 6 AM and slept the whole Sunday.