Indian Banks VS American Banks

Last week I wrote a couple of blogs about the challenges faced while trying to initiate a wire transfer from our BOA A/C in New Jersey to our SCB A/C in Chennai!!!

The issue I had while initiating the transfer was;

  • Entered a wrong mobile number for mobile banking!!
  • Didn’t try to collect my original Debit Card from my friend in New Jersey!!

Also the above said mistakes were mine!! All I had to do is to go for Phone Banking couple of times and fix up mistakes… In 3-4 days we fixed all the gaps and got our funds in our Indian Bank A/C… All this happened thought Phone Banking initiated from India!!

Day before yesterday visited SBI Bank in BTM Layout, Bangalore to remove my deceased fathers name from the joint account… I had to collect a form from a counter, then fill the form, then attach the supporting documents, get the documents verified and signed by a person in another counter and submit the document to another person in another counter!!

Upon submitting the document for processing it was found the account being linked to another account held by my father in Chennai. Now I’m asked to change it in Chennai and then initiate the process here… 

But the person was good enough to say that I need not come back to Bangalore for processing, he gave his email address and and asked to send an email once the status is changed in Chennai!!

But my point is; when all banking solutions are executed from India then why I have to do all this? Why I’ve to visit branches like the legacy days?? Where is the concept of core banking??
Why the customer has to do the documentation and run to every counter to get things executed?

While opening the account in BoA I was given a end to end solution, it was the banker who went to every counter for processing, it was the banker who did the documentation for me!!

Finally I solved my banking challenges in a bank located in AMERICA from India, where as I had to visit branches within India and still the task is pending!!