Drawing a Blank

It was during 1995 and I was in my teens… Those days most of my friends and me were soo impressed and influenced in becoming a Don… Infact most of us tried to demarch an area like a neighborhood or schools to build our network/gang…

That is when one of my friends brother was hit badly by a school gang… It gave us a realtime opportunity to go for a road fight with a real time gang… We have never been thru such real fights in the past…

We immediately mobilised my neighborhood gang and marched directly into the Tigers den (to opponent gangs place) without any preparation…

We were fortunate enough to catch the leader of the gang alone and immediately our boys showed our might… It looked one proud moment to me..

In a predictable way our folks were aggressively over the lonely guy and;

  • He was humiliated!!
  • He was threatened!!!
  • He was teased!!!

We also made him apologise to my friends brother… With all the pride we started walking back like a lion…

Hardly crossing 100 meatres his gang came and they started chasin us… In a jiffy all the Don’s who accompanied me started running… I had to elope from the scene too to avoid any humiliation and I started running by shouting I’ll make a Perfect Comeback soon 🙂

My athletic skills those days help me to run fast and escape without getting caught… That was my moment of Drawing a Blank

For couple of years I had to live with the stigma of humiliation and I felt like a loser for a long time… Now looking back at those crazy days and silly thoughts I could just not stop laughing!!!