Improve your mind by taking these simple steps

Go back to school: Continuing your education does not have to be a complicated endeavor. Take an online class, or just a weekend seminar.

Read classic books: Improve your mind by finally picking up all those books you were supposed to read in school.

Plan: Always have a plan for your life, so you’ll know what you’re working toward.

Quit procrastinating: Resolve to get moving, and you’ll find that you have much more time than you originally realized.

Get inspired by a book: Read a book that will help you spark positive changes in your life.

Learn from your mistakes: Don’t let mistakes get you down. Instead, consider what you did wrong, and how you can avoid doing so again in the future.

Stop worrying: Let go of worry, and know that the future will come no matter what you do about it.

Learn to play a musical instrument: Pick up a guitar, or even a harp, to improve your mental capacity and have something fun to do.

Work to your own advantage: Improve upon what you can, and let the rest fall away.

Think slowly: Instead of jumping to conclusions, carefully calculate what a situation means. Doing so can help you save relationships that might be damaged by rash thinking.

Participate in a debate: Have a rational discussion with someone of similar intellect to improve your knowledge.

Learn a new language: Broaden your horizons by learning how to speak a new language.

Visit Wikipedia: Spend some time on Wikipedia learning lots of interesting facts you’ve never realized before.


Tips to write a blog…

When I talk to anyone about blogging, they keep telling they wish they have there own blog but unable to do so because of lack of time… Then there is another set of people who have a blog but don’t have any topic or time to write something… Then there is another set of people who write blogs because of compulsion example employees forced by their employers or their reporting boss to write personal or official blogs…

What ever the case may be my answer for people who fall under the above mentioned segment is writing a blog is simple… You need not think out of the box to write something, it is as simple as writing a daily dairy… Most of my blogs are my own experience and even I run short of topic’s, when I fall short of good topic I just write my experience of the day…

Here are some tips

Be consistent: There is nothing great in having a blog, consistency matters. Your readers expect some news from you on regular intervals and for that you need to be consistent not only to gain traffic but also to hold the traffic…

Never worry about grammar: Believe me blogs are meant to improve our communication, reading and writing skills… I’ve followed and following many bloggers for long time… Most of the bloggers communication and grammar was poor, but only because of their consistency they were able to improve… So, never stop/hold blogging because of your language command…

Never stop for lack of topic: Blogs are place to share experience… In a day we all come across many things… It is more than enough if you share your days experience… After all humans are eager to know what others do and for sure someone from some part of the world would have benefitted by your experience…

Never think you are silly: Never think your thoughts are silly… Most of the blogs which I thought were silly has got me huge appreciations and blogs which gave me self contention and satisfaction never inspired readers… What is silly for you will be of great interest to someone…

Evolve with reader comments: Readers are best people to help you evolve… Pay attention to their feedback in terms of your mistakes, take their suggestion… For example my friend who happens to be a great reader of my blog Swaminathan, posts comments on my blog suggesting to improve my site design, he asked me to remove the ads inside content, which was disturbing and many times he gives me topics and asks me to write on that… That was great motivation and I evolve my site and writing based on those comments…

Never bow down to negative comments: There are people who keep giving negative comments and at times there might be genuine criticism or comments… Most of the times we fall prey to those criticism… Never get demotivated by it those comments… First learn to handle criticism… I got a suggestion from Mr.Gopal Ramanan to do proof reading before making a post… I’d have been happy if he had posted it in pubic, thought he didn’t want to criticize and hurt me… I’m a person who welcomes open criticism so that others can all take a cue from it… From today I’ve taken a resolution to proof read at least twice before posting a blog…

This is what I can think to the max and I request readers to post their points as comments… I must thank Mr.Gopal Ramanan to consider my request in twitter to share their points and for sparing his valuable time… Here are his point of views…

My thoughts on good blog:

  • Precise & Brief about the person writing the blog
  • Need to be neatly arranged
  • Ease of viewing (fonts – colour & size)
  • Goodies (not ads…hmm…like i have added timezones, NSE live prices, thesaurus etc.,) which will be of use to those who read a blog.
  • Before posting, do a spell check & preview it.

Softer side:

  • Blogger should clearly state what can be expected out of his blog
  • Contents should be of use to others
  • Regular writing
  • Before starting to blog, visit some good blogs and understand the layouts, know about the features available (archiving, gadgets etc.,)…