iPhone making random calls in the background

Was encountering a wired problem with my iPhone for last two days. iPhone kept dialling random numbers in the background. It’s makes 400-500 Calls a day!!!

Today went to Apple store for help and they said they haven’t encountered such a problem. Also their diagnosis said everything was perfect.

I was suspecting my just updated iOS 11. But, Found that was also not the problem.

Finally, posted in FB get some solution from friends who would have experienced same problem and it worked in minutes.

See if anyone is sharing your iCloud account? This happened to wife’s phone, as her mom was using same iCloud account. Whenever her mom calls, they used to appear on my wife’s phone.

Only then I realised, giving my old iPhone 5C to my HR team, I totally forgot to reset the password.

So, this is a problem which happens when we share iCloud in multiple phones.

As always the power of social media helped.

Tips for Customer Support Managers

1. Get Inside your Customers’ Skin
In order to align all the company’s functions with developing, maintaining, sharing and performing to detailed customer experience maps, the company needs to have deep personal relationships with its customers to truly understand them.

2. Relationship Determines Revenue
Customers often value relationship more than the product or service. Find out how to invest in stronger relationships, understand customer budget bibles and match their planning cycles.

3. Break the Technology Addiction
Technology doesn’t have all the answers and it can’t auto-service the customer. Technology is a tool and we must know when and how to use it in communications and analytics to create better decision outcomes. Invest in these tools, but don’t let them replace in-person conversations and relationships with customers.

4. Revenue requires a Village
Customer-centric organizations are not natural homes for lone-wolf, “hail-Mary pass” producing sales folks. Chief Customer Officers need sales, marketing and support departments to understand the holistic experience for the customer and deliver their individual components with the same tone, cadence and channels outlined in a unified experience map.

5. Pay for Relationship Quality
People do what they are financially incentivized for. CCOs that are supporting a customer-centric transformation are replacing NPS and customer sat scores with a measurement of each function’s role in delivering a customer experience that supports revenue. Instead of MBO, churn or close rates, consider performance metrics aligned with the customer experience story board, customer engagement and peer scoring.

6. Collaboration is your Lifeblood
Customer centric organizations are highly collaborative; it’s the secret sauce to delivering consistent, meaningful experiences and relationships. Only through enterprise-wide transparency, information sharing, proactive feedback, ideation and communication patterns that transcend hierarchical organization structures can teams respond to customer expectations and quickly resolve issues.

7. You’ll Never Know It All
One of the biggest challenges facing CROs transitioning to CCO is that they don’t know or have experience in all the functions – marketing, sales, distribution, and customer service/support. At best someone might have deep experience in two but not all. That also means CCOs need to let go of tendency to ‘command and control’ and lead by example, enforce highest of ethical behavior standards, enable employees to their jobs to the best of their ability, and focus on building healthy teams.

Courtesy: Forbes.Com

Key things for entrepreneurs!!!

Key things for entrepreneurs to watch-for are the following:

Wrong People

Keep away from Naysayers, Doomsayers and Burned People.

Focus on interacting with the right people, those who’ve been there and done what you’re trying to achieve. Wannabes are also helpful cos’ they want you to win as that will help them to do well too. These people can also be very encouraging and helpful.

Information Overload

If you go on the internet, just about any belief one has, positive or negative, they are all supported. So just be careful what kind of information you access, cos’ even negative thoughts will find support on the internet.

Instead interact with and get advice from the right people and use the internet to support it or for further research. Right people can also be found in the form of books written by people who you may not personally have access to, or who may have passed away.

Small Thinking

You must start thinking HUGE! One always finds what one is most focused on, irrespective of whether they are positive thoughts, or fears and doubts.

Stopped Learning

Need to be constantly learning new things as everything is changing at a rapid pace. Have to focus on learning and growing constantly as an entrepreneur.

I’m always right

It’s a blessing to know that one is not “always” right, cos’ that’s when we’ll be willing to learn and grow.

Courtesy: Padma

10 Rules for Staring New Day



If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind. I will not respond in a like manner.




If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask God to bless that individual. I understand the “enemy” could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or a stranger.




I will carefully choose and guard my words being certain that I do not spread gossip.




I will find ways to help share the burden of another person.




I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way.




I will reach out anonymously and bless the life of another.




I will practice the golden rule – “Do unto others as I would have them do unto me” – with everyone I encounter.




My smile, my words, my expression of support, can make the difference to someone who is wrestling life.




I will eat less; I will eat only healthy foods. I will thank God for my body.




I will spend a little more time in prayer today: I will begin reading something spiritual or inspirational today; I will find a quiet place (at some point during the day)!

How to evolve ideas?

One of trending topics these days is how to generate ideas. Ideas for innovations, ideas to create business model, ideas to improvise systems, ideas to spend weekends. Over a point we become saturated in terms of generating creative/innovative ideas.

First forgive me for using business as example; I can’t avoid it because I’m an entrepreneur and I can relate things with business easily.

Let me start with this famous quote

“You have one dollar and I’ve one dollar, when we exchange the dollar we go home with one dollar each. Where as when you have one idea and I’ve one idea and when we exchange those ideas we get back with two ideas each”…

Likewise life is full of sharing and helping. What is the use in keeping ideas within ourselves and make it die. If we are unable to make use of our ideas, we can share it with someone who can make use of it, at least we have the contention that our idea is alive somewhere…

Let us take some cases for example and analyze them:

Facebook: Is facebook.com unique or innovating concept? Definitely not, then how come Facebook is able to win the race amongst other Social Networking Websites… The answers is simple, Facebook opened itz doors to community (users and developers) to develop their own application by giving API’s. This created revolution; people started these API and developed business model’s, created application for their hobbies etc. We can attribute the success of Facebook to co-creation and colloboration…

Open Source Movement: This is one movement which revolutionized the entire technology space. The concept is simple, share everything and allow others to collaborate and co-create. This has created huge opportunities and lots of entrepreneurs were born with the platform this movement has created.

Twitter: It all started by Jack Dorsey who wanted to know what his friends were doing… They created a proto type and collected feedback from friends and other interested contributors and incorporated new features from others into the system… Finally twitter.com was launched… Click here to know more on how twitter originated…

Other important aspect is even twitter allows community participation my sharing their API’s, which allows people to play around with the system… Twitter has quickly emerged as one of the happening sites in the cyber space…

Google Calendar:  Even Google calendar evolved in the same lines of twitter… It was first developed by a Google developer to map his appointments, seeing this his peers also showed interest and he shared it with his peers… Google innovation lab immediately took note of it and allowed him to work on the project… Click here to read the “Road map to Google Calendar”…

To get more ideas or evolve ideas we must share, collaborate and co-create… Remember

“Every new idea is a joke… Until one man achieves it..!”

Likewise start contributing to others idea and help co-create or form a team which is open is sharing ideas and help you to groom and nourish your ideas… But please don’t keep your ideas within yourself and allow it die… Who knows world would have missed great innovation if you did so…

So please Share! Collaborate! Co-create…

Tips to write a blog…

When I talk to anyone about blogging, they keep telling they wish they have there own blog but unable to do so because of lack of time… Then there is another set of people who have a blog but don’t have any topic or time to write something… Then there is another set of people who write blogs because of compulsion example employees forced by their employers or their reporting boss to write personal or official blogs…

What ever the case may be my answer for people who fall under the above mentioned segment is writing a blog is simple… You need not think out of the box to write something, it is as simple as writing a daily dairy… Most of my blogs are my own experience and even I run short of topic’s, when I fall short of good topic I just write my experience of the day…

Here are some tips

Be consistent: There is nothing great in having a blog, consistency matters. Your readers expect some news from you on regular intervals and for that you need to be consistent not only to gain traffic but also to hold the traffic…

Never worry about grammar: Believe me blogs are meant to improve our communication, reading and writing skills… I’ve followed and following many bloggers for long time… Most of the bloggers communication and grammar was poor, but only because of their consistency they were able to improve… So, never stop/hold blogging because of your language command…

Never stop for lack of topic: Blogs are place to share experience… In a day we all come across many things… It is more than enough if you share your days experience… After all humans are eager to know what others do and for sure someone from some part of the world would have benefitted by your experience…

Never think you are silly: Never think your thoughts are silly… Most of the blogs which I thought were silly has got me huge appreciations and blogs which gave me self contention and satisfaction never inspired readers… What is silly for you will be of great interest to someone…

Evolve with reader comments: Readers are best people to help you evolve… Pay attention to their feedback in terms of your mistakes, take their suggestion… For example my friend who happens to be a great reader of my blog Swaminathan, posts comments on my blog suggesting to improve my site design, he asked me to remove the ads inside content, which was disturbing and many times he gives me topics and asks me to write on that… That was great motivation and I evolve my site and writing based on those comments…

Never bow down to negative comments: There are people who keep giving negative comments and at times there might be genuine criticism or comments… Most of the times we fall prey to those criticism… Never get demotivated by it those comments… First learn to handle criticism… I got a suggestion from Mr.Gopal Ramanan to do proof reading before making a post… I’d have been happy if he had posted it in pubic, thought he didn’t want to criticize and hurt me… I’m a person who welcomes open criticism so that others can all take a cue from it… From today I’ve taken a resolution to proof read at least twice before posting a blog…

This is what I can think to the max and I request readers to post their points as comments… I must thank Mr.Gopal Ramanan to consider my request in twitter to share their points and for sparing his valuable time… Here are his point of views…

My thoughts on good blog:

  • Precise & Brief about the person writing the blog
  • Need to be neatly arranged
  • Ease of viewing (fonts – colour & size)
  • Goodies (not ads…hmm…like i have added timezones, NSE live prices, thesaurus etc.,) which will be of use to those who read a blog.
  • Before posting, do a spell check & preview it.

Softer side:

  • Blogger should clearly state what can be expected out of his blog
  • Contents should be of use to others
  • Regular writing
  • Before starting to blog, visit some good blogs and understand the layouts, know about the features available (archiving, gadgets etc.,)…