Watched Vinayakudu

Long back when Vinayakudu was running at Satyam Cinemas I missed watching the movie on theatres. I read a lot about the movie’s review. For some reason I forgot about the movie.

After a nice sleep yesterday & a long nap by evening made me fresh & after spending some time Major & after some mobile blogging, I decided to watch this movie in my DVD.

• The movie was very natural & I never had any break in-between.
• There were lot of connect with characters for the urban audience. • Hero has really rocked & he gels well with his character.
• Also must mention about the background score. Which is another boost to the movie.

I heard the movie’s Village to Vinayakudu is a flop. But will definitely watch that movie.


Vedam – A Class Telegu Movie

Watched a Telegu (VEDAM) movie in theatre after a long GAP… I think Atthadu was the last movie i watched. Movie revolves around the life of;

Allu Arjun – Who is a poor cable boy who wants to become rich by marring a rich girl.

Manoj Manchu – A rich boy who wants to become big in the world of music. But discouraged by his widowed mother who wants him to enter the foot steps of his Father & Grand father who lost their life in War.

Anushka Shetty – A sex worker who elopes to Hydrabad to become an independent sex worker.

Manoj Bajbai – A muslim who is always been suspected for terrorism.

Saranya – A poor mother who comes to Hydrabad to sell her kidney to repay her debt with the money lender who taker her intelligent son as a slave.

All characters meet in a hospital which is attacked by terrorist and the end result is Manoj Bajbai proves that he is a true citizen of the country, Allu & Manoj looses their life while fighting the terrorist, Anushka stops working as a a sex-worker, Saranya repays her debt and takes her son back.

All parallels have been tied well and overall it was a nice movie to watch.

Oy!! Wonderful Movie & Climax…

I’m not a great fan of Siddarth or Shamilee… But in this movie Oy!! Both have really sizzled in their acting… Big kudos to director Anand Ranga for this wonderful climax and getting the best performance from SID and Shamili… I really enjoyed watching the movie and would recommend everyone to watch this movie… I’m a Tamilian and I can’t understand a bit of Telegu but in the climax I understood what Shamili spoke and got carried away… For all of you here is climax scene and hope you all like it…