Vedam – A Class Telegu Movie

Watched a Telegu (VEDAM) movie in theatre after a long GAP… I think Atthadu was the last movie i watched. Movie revolves around the life of;

Allu Arjun – Who is a poor cable boy who wants to become rich by marring a rich girl.

Manoj Manchu – A rich boy who wants to become big in the world of music. But discouraged by his widowed mother who wants him to enter the foot steps of his Father & Grand father who lost their life in War.

Anushka Shetty – A sex worker who elopes to Hydrabad to become an independent sex worker.

Manoj Bajbai – A muslim who is always been suspected for terrorism.

Saranya – A poor mother who comes to Hydrabad to sell her kidney to repay her debt with the money lender who taker her intelligent son as a slave.

All characters meet in a hospital which is attacked by terrorist and the end result is Manoj Bajbai proves that he is a true citizen of the country, Allu & Manoj looses their life while fighting the terrorist, Anushka stops working as a a sex-worker, Saranya repays her debt and takes her son back.

All parallels have been tied well and overall it was a nice movie to watch.


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