Thank you Mr.Anonymous Wi-Fi

I stayed in my friends house the previous night & returned home by 8.30 AM in the morning only to know from my Admin manager that there is a total power shutdown in office. That is a pathetic situation on Madurai and we have to have a seperate blog discussing about it.

I was worried as I can’t stay without internet for a whole day & I called back my friend to check if I can use his internet. He said he will be back by 11.30 AM after finishing his cases. So, I thought it was best time to wash my cloths and goto his house by 11.30 AM.

Just after washing my cloths I though I need to charge my mobile as I didn’t bring my charger and had to charge using USB charger. I took my macbook and kept my mobile for charge. Then went took batch and started packing to visit my friend.

While shutting down there was an alert asking if I’ve to connect to a Wi-Fi connection named ITI. I thought i’ve to give it a try and it clicked immediately.

I just checked my mails, opened my Facebook & now posting this blog. I’ve been a victim in the past by giving open access to my Wi-Fi and for 3 months our internet bills were above Rs.10,000/- two years. Some one has used my unsecured ¬†Wi-Fi & downloaded heavily.

Also we are hearing a lots of news including the recent Varanasi Blast. Where terrorist used unsecured Wi-Fi for sending emails. I’d request every one to be careful for letting your Wi-Fi open.

But today it is a real moment of help for me & I know it is bad on my part to exploit it. But I’m exploiting the situation for my laziness. But Mr.Anonymous don’t worry I wont use this open access for downloads or for sending prank emails.