Had Lunch at YouTube Cafeteria!! Thank You Arvind!!!

Must thank, Arvind for taking me for lunch at YouTube!!! Yes today, had been to YouTube on a guest visit!!!

It has been time well spent!!! We have to spend more time next month!!! Alsl, would love to take a tour of Google, your rally and continuation of the topics we discussed!!

Also!! I really loved your toy!!!


Blogging interest diminishes

I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years and regularly for 2 years. After getting my BlackBerry I thought I can increase my blogging as I can do live blogging.

But in reality my interest has drastically come down and that can be seen in the frequency of my blog post. For last week I’m trying my hand on Video Blogging and for some reasons I’m unable to upload the video to YouTube.

I think this weekend I might find an hack and soon you can see me doing video blogs regularly.