Chennai Floods 2008…

It has been a regular affair every November, which exposes how unprepared our governments are on managing floods. Chennai’s winter hardly lasts for a week (Can’t imagine what happens if it rains last long). This is a YoY affair and I don’t know why government is not taking adequate steps to tackle such calamities.

Because of Mumbai Terrorist Crisis, Chennai’s flood has got a back seat from getting media publicity. Chennai floods have claimed 80 lives so far. Most of the deaths are mainly due to the negligence from the government officials. Also flood relates deaths because of negligence are also on raise YoY.

Also Chennai suffers from serious water crisis every summer & seeing all flood water getting wasted real matter of concern. One must also look at the loss (Bothe productivity loss & material loss) incurred by residents & offices. If we had proper Flood Management system in place we can store excess flood water and use it effectively during summer & can also avoid material & productivity losses.

India having a good growth story and Chennai being one of the fastest growing cities with no. of multinationals setting shop in Chennai it is high time we take serious steps to overcome calamity related crisis & have a proper crisis management in place.

There is a saying “When we point fingers at some one, three fingers points back at you”, like wise I’m also a mean citizen who forget everything and keep moving with the work. But I thought at least by writing this blog it might reach some right person / NGO somewhere in the world who might take some step or give some solution.

Here are some snaps sent by Balaji.

Arial View from Olympia IT Park. 100 feet road looks like a lake.

Water stagnation in inner ring road…

Making ready to walk in floods…

Traffic flow in floods…

Traffic flow in floods…

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