Is democracy good for India?

India claims to be the biggest democracy in the world which is divided by caste, religion, language etc etc. we are proud of this. Democracy says “By the People for the People” but in reality there is no respite for people of this land. Infact I sometimes feel we could have been better under a monarchy than under these shameless politicians. They have shattered this nation for greed.

This entire Mumbai crisis has given lots of lessons, answers, questions, puzzles et more. Let us take one by one. Let us go out of way and talk about our so called Raj Thackeray chief of MNS, who brought unnecessary issues to divide people of our country. Where were you when this entire crisis happened? Hiding under your bed?? You B@$%@$d imagine no. of people who sacrificed their life to save Mumbai on the day of crisis, they were north Indian, south Indians who fought like Indians & didn’t differentiate. They didn’t hide like you like a coward. You have lost face in this entire episode, if you had at least walked out on the roads of taj/trident on the time of crisis I’d have saluted you and would have fought with your for your so called marata pride. Understand on thin be it marata or malayali we are Indians, if you don’t understand this now you are not fit to be a human being…

Then coming back what are the politicians doing? What was the intelligence doing? Home minister Shivraj Patil still do you want to be greedy for power?? The entire way our ruling or opposition politicians handled terror is intolerable. You go on a Z class security and we the people have to wait on hot sun & rain for you to travel. In last six months alone there were bombings in almost every major city in India you have never come open on any of it.

Politicians get paid by our tax money; get all perks from our tax money. Why can’t you cut your pay, perks etc and spend more on security & infrastructure??

What worries more is politicians are not committed & not taking responsibility too. Already mudslinging started to grab the opportunity. In the end it is people who are the ultimate sufferers.

Finally coming back to people we call it Spirit of Mumbai, people get back to normal etc. but it is this attitude that keeps politicians running. Our memories are short.

Look at the condition of all the fighters who fought for the nation, I saw the bus they travelled to reach the spot. It is no way comparable to the luxury busses used by cricketers. What shame cricketers are paid for winning as well as loosing matches. Shouldn’t we feel ashamed of ourselves? Enough is enough we have to think and must act responsible and high time we take some steps.

Now this leads to lots of questions which we expect from politicians,

Why we there were you unable to stop terrorism?
What commitment you will take from now on?
What is it you are going to do to people who have lost their life?
Will we get transparency in investigation?
Will there be transparency in handling terrorism?

I’ve many more questions but I know even the questions I listed will go unanswered. But let me open the Pandora box, when every I read this post I keep remaining that I must do something to all this and when politicians come to campaign might be I can shoot all these questions to them…

I take this opportunity to salute all the martyrs who have laid down their life to save lots of life and made the nation proud. Also to people who fell prey to this cowardly act of terrorism. May their soul rest in peace…


6 thoughts on “Is democracy good for India?

  1. Anand….i completely agree with you over the monarchy issue….all evils in our country stems from democracy….no where in the world has this form of rule been twisted so woefully to derive undue advantage….and whats more painful is that it is THRIVING………


  2. yes i do agree with you that politicians has changed the meaning of democracy .like democracy is off the people,buy the people and from the people.
    but there are few leaders who are thinking apart from there personal interst like Narendra modi,Utal ji etc.
    times of india had taken a great initiative to find out the leader for India.who believed to use their connections in sorting out the problems of their country and not to fulfill their vested intrest .
    a leader is one who can avert one’s belief by doing more actions than by deleavering words + he should know how to honour his words he should not be a lucker.
    like Barak obama who being an african-american has become the first black president in the history of america.People treat him as their idol because he believes in decision making and in instant decisionn making plus learning from others mistakes keeping in mind the the need of people.
    we have a number of problems in our country which are left untouched,unheaded.
    though there is a solution but who wants to take the initiative after all it includes hardwork,brains… politicions are not ready to fulfill their responsibility and ultemately holi poli are the sufferers

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