Google Ventures Launched

Much expected Google Ventures is out at last… Google coming from rags and knowing the pains of a startup they must have done this before… But it is better late than never… These are some insights about the venture…

    • Launched on 31st March 2009
    • Managed by Bill Maris & Rich Miner (Can check their BIO’s)
    • Will invest in any kind of startups
    • Investment ranges from Seed funding to tens of millions of dollar
    • Should be contacted only thru email


As usual the site is very simple with just four pages and up to the point… Their FAQ is also very little covering most of the questions…


In their FAQ they claim that that they are an independent company and they never push to use Google products or force for an acquisition…


Let us see how the company transforms startups in days to come…


At this point we wish Google Ventures Best Luck…

2 thoughts on “Google Ventures Launched

  1. Excellent article, Anand !!

    Very informative one.

    I’m sure it would benefit the readers, either for themself or for referrals.

    Needless to say, the new look of the blog is awesome !!

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