Isha Nursery for Variety!!!

Went to Isha Nursery in Madurai and was amazed to see the variety of sapling’s!!!

They have vide variety of ;

  • Timber Tree Sapling’s
  • Fruit Trees Sapling’s
  • Shade Trees Sapling’s
  • Flower Trees Sapling’s
  • Spiritual Tree Sapling’s

All the above Sapling’s cost a meager ₹7!!

  • Fragrance Tree Sapling’s (Sandalwood)

Sandalwood sapling alone cost ₹20!! Attached their tamil brochure for their contact details and sapling’s available!!


11 thoughts on “Isha Nursery for Variety!!!

  1. dear anand,
    this is selvendra maharaja from north part of madurai, i would like to cultivate different types of plant at our farm, please guide me where i can buy the plants in madurai, if the nursery garden located in other part of tamilnadu means courier service is available or not…please guide me through mail…

  2. Plants rates are different from the above notice , today i visit isha nursery, Ambattur. but they are saying rates starts form 50 to 100.

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