Flaunge – Small in size Big in investment

Last Sunday I’ve been to Bangalore to attend B’lore OCC and then went to 13th floor to honor my promise to host Hrish Thota for a treat… Only then I came to know Hrish was a documentary film maker and it kindled my eagerness to know more about film-making…


Hrish said that he is going to his office to finish some editing work and I asked him if I can accompany him to have a look at his office…


The name of their company is Flaunge and it is a home-cum-office housed in his friend’s house… By entering his office I was thrilled to see this small fish tank… This really pulled my attention… Positioning of tank was well done where in visitors don’t feel the pinch of waiting…




Then I went into their office and I was really amazed to see such a small office… It must be a 10 * 6 Sq.Ft. office… But the equipment used is expensive… You can also have a peep into their office…



dsc006724This is the size of Sweet little Flaunge & you can see all the equipments fitted within that room…This is Hrish working in his MAC… 



Then Hrish showed me their sample work and I really liked Tour De Nilgiris… Here is the video…

Tour Of Nilgiris – Experience Nature from Tour Of Nilgiris on Vimeo.


In the mean time if you have any requirement for short film-making or ad film-making you can contact Flaunge


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