Working hard for Alternate Income

I was 24 when I read this book Rich Dad Poor Dad and it’s been 13 years!!!  Before getting into the subject, let me give a brief about me!!! I’m an entrepreneur managing 3 entities which are into Technology Services, Management Consulting… Read More

Help select a Logo for Startup Coffee Lounge

Dear Friends, Opened a contest to design Logo for my Coffee Shop… Created poll to get choose from the 8 logos from 120+ entries… Pls VOTE and help me choose the best one… Thank You, Regards, Anand Nataraj Help Startup Coffee Lounge… Read More

Job Description of an Entrepreneur!!!

Been thru it and couldn’t agree more… When I started 14 years back I was the Scavenger, the Accountant, the Cleaner, the Accountant, the Barista etc. Was not a comfortable feel then… Looking back feeling great and happy now :)…

Meeting with Balaji Vijayaraghavan & Hrish Thota

Had wonderful & productive time with Balaji & Hrish Thota. We discussed Social Media, Startup ecosystem at Chennai & Bangalore, Food, Social Media between 2008 – 2010 and many more… Thanks guys for making my day…

The teen aged Entrepreneurs from Madurai

Last week got a call from my sales folks that a 13 year old CEO from Madurai wanted to meet me… Get impressed by this kids approach and immediately gave them an appointment the next day… Since his father was busy that… Read More

My Business Ventures and Failed Venture Lessons

I started as a freelance at the age if 18 and evolved as an entrepreneur from the age of 20… In last 13 years I’ve had my hand on couple of ventures… FreeLancer: Between 1998 – 2000 I’ve been a freelance and… Read More

Planning to set a Stationary Shop

For sometime I’m looking at options and opportunities in setting up some shop either directly or a franchisee… Looking at options where investment is less and less risk… This is more to engage my dad post retirement… Also I’m fond of entrepreneurship,… Read More

Great resource for entrepreneurs

Wanted to share this wonderful resource site shared by Mr.Harendhiraprasad M N which covers all information a startup needs. A must read resource for all entrepreneurs. For more visit

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming Self-Employed

Found this article from a reverse auction website. Though this article is well written and highly recommended I personally disagree with some points like preparing business cases, family support etc. Though I agree we must plan things in my personal experience… Read More

Entrepreneurship!! Whose piece of cake?

I’ve seen many highly energized people who approach me with their business ideas asking to review their idea or for investment… Most of these people who approached me said they were meeting more people with their ideas for more than six months…… Read More