Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) Awards programme aims to develop a powerful professional network between creative entrepreneurs in India and the UK to inspire and facilitate the sharing of best practices in building skills and access to resources, professional development, markets, mentoring and resources thereby increasing opportunities for business between India and the UK.

A key objective is to sensitise the UK creative sector to the opportunities that come from working with creative entrepreneurs in emerging economies. A second objective is to better understand the dynamics of being an entrepreneur in the creative economy. Throughout the programme we seek opportunities to achieve both this sensitisation and understanding.

The International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE) programme aims to celebrate the achievements and develop the potential of young creative entrepreneurs across the British Council’s international networks. India promotes enterprise awards in Music, Design, Fashion, Interactive, Screen, Publishing, Visual Arts, Communications and Performing Arts throughout the year.

Operating in parallel to the International programme, the UK Young Creative Entrepreneurs (UKYCE) awards was launched last year which seeks to create wider understanding within the UK of the potential of emerging economies as centres for trade, collaboration, cooperation and cultural exchange, and to provide leading young creative entrepreneurs with the opportunity to visit and interpret these opportunities for themselves.

The award programme, both international and UK, is unique in its focus on young creative entrepreneurs; recognising their centrality to the development of a competitive and sustainable creative economy. It is our intention to link the networks created through the international and UK awards, to amplify these opportunities. Quite simply, we believe that creative talent can be found anywhere and the next big idea can emerge from any country.

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