Nunook Interactive Pvt Ltd Looking for engineering interns and full-time game designers

Nunook Interactive Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing educational gaming startup headquartered in Mumbai with a branch office in Chennai. The founders of the company have a total of over 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley, and have recently relocated to India from the US to develop a company for the Indian market. 

Nunook currently have the following openings their organization.

Job Opening 1:


Engineering intern: Looking for engineering interns from May to August 2009. Your duties will include:


  • Working with senior Action scripter’s and Flex engineers to develop the client side for a new product
  • Developing the server backend for the product using PHP and MySQL
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting and debugging various parts of the product
  • Developing and maintaining our corporate website using HTML, CSS, AJAX, and other Web standards


To apply for this position, you must be currently enrolled in a BE/BTech or similar degree program. Company looks for a strong programming background in all candidates.

For this position, experience in PHP, MySQL, Actionscript or Flex is desirable. Most importantly, company looks for talented engineers who love technology and learning new things.

Job Opening 2:


Game designer: This is a full time position. Company looking for a game designer to perform the following duties:


  • Developing concepts for new easy to learn, fun to play games targeted at schoolchildren
  • Creating design documents based on these game concepts
  • Working closely with artists and programmers to ensure that the game designs are implemented to high quality
  • Tuning and testing the games to make them challenging and entertaining
  • Providing design input for other parts of our educational gaming product

Company is looking for candidates who love games and have previous exposure to game design. Experience in creating concept art using paper sketches, Photoshop or Flash is a plus.

Both these positions will entail taking on a significant amount of responsibility and working with a high degree of autonomy. To succeed in these roles, candidate must be able to work well as part of a small, highly-motivated team. Candidate must be enthusiastic about their work and keen to take on new challenges.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Abhijeet Vijayakar at

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