Entrepreneurship -my ultimate job…

My parents wanted me to take up a job of their choice, a job that every Tom, Dick & Harry were running for and a job which was a social status… Frankly I wanted to do a job which I could fall in love with..

So, what is it that I love???

I loved to be an ENTREPRENEUR… I wanted to be on my own and employ all those Tom, Dick & Harry to work under me…

What fullfils me??

There are more than one factor that fullfils me for being an entrepreneur;

  • No other job gives me the opportunity to explore!!
  • No other job allows me to fail!!
  • No other job attracts more opposition and criticism on me!!!
  • No other job make people to Hate me and Love me!!
  • No other job allows me to be independent!!
  • No other job exposes me to RISKS!!
  • No other job allows me to do what I want!!!
  • No other job gives me satisfaction!!
  • No other job gives you an opportitunity to create an impact!!
  • No other job gave me the opportunity to be responsible!!!
  • No other job gave me the opportunity to become a true leader!!!

When I’m working on what I love then Money looks Nothing, I’ve learned ways to survive without money and in my experience money keeps following if we perceive…


Every challenge throws an opportunity!! This is how I got my Opportunity!!!

Became an Entrepreneurship against the wishes of my parents during 1st September 2000 a month or two before the dot-com bubble.I remember it was sometime around December 2001, it was already 15 months of entrepreneurship and things were not getting any simple… World was still reeling under dot-com bubble and 9/11 terror attack has only made matters worse and nothing was gloomy… Life became very challenging and cruel to me as;

  • Money due to my mentor & vendors has started accruing.
  • All my efforts of winning a project was hitting to a dead end. 
  • Criticism from friends and family were getting aggressive every passing day.

But every challenging situation throws a opportunity unknown to us!! Like wise an opportunity one day to my dingy office in an oil go-down. The place was hot, dusty and smelled oil everywhere and I had this 10 year experienced US return who came to me asking for a Job. He was too experienced for me to handle and i was not interested give him an offer. But the conversation between us gave me a new dimension.

US Returnee: Hello Sir!!

ME: SIR?? Who Me?

US Returnee: Yes Sir!!

ME: Yes tell me.. How Can I help you??

US Returnee: I’m looking for a Job. Here is my resume.

ME: Resume read 10 years experience, 4 years in US etc etc. OMG!! I Said, you are too experienced to work under me who doesn’t carry any experience.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir! All i need is a job to engage myself. I didn’t want to stay at home and become dumb.

ME: Sorry, I’m not in a position to offer salary. I think you are in a wrong place.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir!! I’ve earned enough money to survive next couple of years. All I need is a job. Pls consider me.

ME: I don’t have any computers to accommodate you.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir!! I’ve a LapTop and I can bring that. Just give me Job & Projects to work thats enough.

ME: Mind Voice “LapTop ah?? I’ve just seen that on TV commercials and on internet”. Then I told him that I’m not in a position to offer him a job.

US Returnee: I’m ready to offer some money for the Job.

ME: I closed the conversation by telling it is not going to work and I was not interested.

But this situation opened an opportunity in life and I thought why not recruit 3-4 freshers and build a product and leverage on that product. The same day posted a walk-in on a Yahoo Groups for Chennai Freshers .

Again this was like a opening up of another devil. I was sleeping and my mother woke me up telling it was a call from mentor. It was 6.30 AM and I picked the phone and here goes the conversation;

Mentor: What did you do?

ME: I did nothing SIR.

Mentor: There are some 200+ people waiting at the entrance of the office.

ME: 200? I made a post for walk-in in Yahoo Group thats it?

Mentor: What ever goto office and see to it that you are talking to the crowd and send them off ASAP.

ME: Ok Sir!! I’ll be there by 8AM and I’ll handle SIR..

I got ready and immediately drove to the spot. To my surprise the crowd has grown to a couple of 1000’s. My mentor has panicked and has sent his staff to tackle the situation. Already I stared shivering and my brain totally stopped working. Even thought of running away from the situation. But I wanted to handle the situation at any cost because I didn’t want the crowd to damage the office.

I Climbed the compound wall and shouted telling I was a startup, till now it is just me and i’m looking for just 4-5 developers. I thought that is it, but to my surprised every individual started pleading to consider them for that 5 opening. There were people who have traveled from Bangalore, Hydrabad & Mumbai for just a Yahoo Group post. That is how the Job Openings became viral during those recession time.

For me coming out of the walk-in was the only thing on my mind. People used every reasons from sympathy factors, to health issues, to parents health issues, to poverty to get a job. One girl was literally crying when she got rejected and then came her father. Her father said;

Sir!! She is my daughter, she is a gold medalist and her self-confidence has gone down. I’ve not seen her like this & i dont want to see her like this. Here is 1,00,000 INR Sir(It was ready cash)!!! Take this and give her a job. That didn’t look like an opportunity. It only made my already panicked mind into more panic and i rejected that offer and sent that man out. Some how i managed to move away from that day..

After moving from that day it was again days of criticism, push from vendors and desperation to succeed. But no where money was coming. That is were i thought why not I call the US Returnee & The Gold Medalist girl and take a Job Deposit from them. Unfortunately I lost their contact.

From then I started to demand deposit for the job which would be returned after a year. Some how I managed to get Job Deposits from 2 recruits. With that money I could settle all my debts and settle all my commitments with 5 months liquidity. With no distraction for 5 months I could turn things by 3rd month and there was no looking back from then.

Life is not a Not Lemonade and this is how I resolved a a situation in early part of my career!!!

Greatest Embarrassment

Looking at the amount of response I got from SMS’ing my friends about a Job Opening… I thought it would be nice if I can keep sending SMS to friends so that they can help me in closing those requirement… Yesterday I again SMS’ed all my friends about an Opening in Business Development… The requirement was for Female Candidates & a typo has cause real embarrassment because I SMS’ed the requirement to my clients, business associates other than my friends, relatives & associates (at-least I can explain them)…

Here is the message I sent & the typo is marked in red;

Cogzidel Job Opening

Profile : Business Development
Experience : Fresher
Qualification : MBA
1.) Good Communication Skills & fluency in English.
2.) Good attitude to learn & ability to work indecently & with teams.
Location : Chennai
Gender : Female
Salary : Rs.8000/- PM

Pls pass me if you have any reference or help me by passing it to your friends. Resumes can be emailed to anand@cogzidel.com

Actually what I meant was Independently & not indecently… So, my lessons from this experience is;

  • Never send messages without proof reading…
  • Never send a message when am in half sleep…
  • Never trust spell checker blindly…

An Exciting Day with great Composure

Always i rejoice days where i worked with full satisfaction. I carry that happy moments along with me & will funny & accommodating.

But I don’t know what happened today. I wanted to be calm, silent & serious. Without me realizing I had a wonderful day at work and i did following tasks today;

  • Browsed Cogzidel.in & collected around 20 things which were bugs, suggestions & feedback for improvement.
  • Wrote a case-study for Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coordinated with Madurai folks who made me Happy by launching new product for CogzidelTemplates.Com.
  • Had a productive meeting with my CTO where we discussed;
    • Speeding delivery of projects.
    • Road map for Sales Improvement.
    • Ideas for new products.
    • Plan for Development for Internal Framework.
  • Had meeting with my CFO to discuss about;
    • Status of fun raising.
    • Collected tough cases faced to write case studies.
  • Even before writing this blog finished writing one another case study.

This is supposed to be a fulfilling day for anyone and anyone must feel high. But for me everything looks normal and I’m not that excited. I normally go out to watch some movie when I’m sad or very much excited. Today i got a call from my friend to go for a movie which i turned down.

But i feel happy because the new change in me is only taking me in the right path.

How to recruit your staff?

A corporation advertised all kinds of positions to fill for their new office in a big city, the candidates were selected based on their resume and tested for their aptitude for the positions. 

The corporation put around one hundred baseball balls in some particular order in a closed room with the room window open Then they send a group of two to three candidates of particular discipline into the room and locked it from outside They left them alone and came back after six hours, to analyzed the situation: 

  1. If they were counting and recounting the number of balls – They were hired for the ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT
  2. If they had messed up the whole place with the balls – They were hired for the ENGINEERING
  3. If they were arranging the balls in some other order – They were hired for the PLANNING
  4. If they were throwing the balls at each other – They were hired for the OPERATIONS
  5. If they were sleeping – They were hired for the SECURITY
  6. If they had squashed the balls into pieces – They were hired for the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  7. If they were staring out of the window – They were hired for the EXPORT
  8. If they were sitting idle – They were hired for the HUMAN RESOURCE DEPT
  9. If they had thrown the balls out of the window – They were hired for the MATERIALS DEPT
  10. If they were clinging onto the balls – They were hired for the TREASURY
  11. If they said they had tried different combinations, yet not a ball had moved – They were hired for the SALES
  12. If they had already left for the day – They were hired for the MARKETING and finally
  13. If they were talking to each other and not a ball had moved – They were hired for the TOP MANAGEMENT

Nunook Interactive Pvt Ltd Looking for engineering interns and full-time game designers

Nunook Interactive Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing educational gaming startup headquartered in Mumbai with a branch office in Chennai. The founders of the company have a total of over 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley, and have recently relocated to India from the US to develop a company for the Indian market. 

Nunook currently have the following openings their organization.

Job Opening 1:


Engineering intern: Looking for engineering interns from May to August 2009. Your duties will include:


  • Working with senior Action scripter’s and Flex engineers to develop the client side for a new product
  • Developing the server backend for the product using PHP and MySQL
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting and debugging various parts of the product
  • Developing and maintaining our corporate website using HTML, CSS, AJAX, and other Web standards


To apply for this position, you must be currently enrolled in a BE/BTech or similar degree program. Company looks for a strong programming background in all candidates.

For this position, experience in PHP, MySQL, Actionscript or Flex is desirable. Most importantly, company looks for talented engineers who love technology and learning new things.

Job Opening 2:


Game designer: This is a full time position. Company looking for a game designer to perform the following duties:


  • Developing concepts for new easy to learn, fun to play games targeted at schoolchildren
  • Creating design documents based on these game concepts
  • Working closely with artists and programmers to ensure that the game designs are implemented to high quality
  • Tuning and testing the games to make them challenging and entertaining
  • Providing design input for other parts of our educational gaming product

Company is looking for candidates who love games and have previous exposure to game design. Experience in creating concept art using paper sketches, Photoshop or Flash is a plus.

Both these positions will entail taking on a significant amount of responsibility and working with a high degree of autonomy. To succeed in these roles, candidate must be able to work well as part of a small, highly-motivated team. Candidate must be enthusiastic about their work and keen to take on new challenges.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Abhijeet Vijayakar at abhi@nunook.com.