Met couple of people for STARTUP Community Website

Today had meeting with Bala Murugan who is the chief architect of this site. Also we met with couple of people today to get their insights about the concept and asked for their availability to be a part of it. Couple of people has shown interest to be a part of it.

So I took a print out of my previous blog post which is the starting point for our discussion. Bala was happy with the list of things I showed him and also we have added couple of more features.

So we made a list of things which has to be completed before our next meeting. 

  • There are some options for domain and book the available one.
  • Choose volunteers and these are as per priorities
    • Technology Geek: Some one having passion for LAMP technologies as we will be integration many open source and PHP freeware.
    • Vertical managers/admin: Someone having passion to manage websites and good in research with wide knowledge in using Google & social media.
    • Content writers: Bala said he can rope in content writers from different verticals.

List looks small but I think it will be a challenging task to coordinate and form a group that have common interest and passion to make it big. But I think the first priority to get tech geek who has tremendous passion for LAMP technologies and passion for community contribution. Once when we get such a person we can start working on the website and simultaneously look for other people.

So one thing what came in our mind is to answer a common question;

What is in it for us if we volunteer?

The answer this is a community website and all the initial members will be co-founders. Also members can benefit only after making the website a brand and it is upto them to make use of the brand. Since it is a community it is more of giving than taking and one must always believe that Givers Take.

I’m happy we have taken this to next level and would be glad to make some progress everyday. You can expect a blog from me for every progress.

Once again please ping me if you are interested to volunteer for any of the above positions or you can help us by passing this message through blog posts or by twitting in twitter or any other available methods.

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