Community Website for Startups

We are planning to launch a community driven website for Startups. I can see several forums and forums for startups but I don’t think so if they are really catering for Startup’s real needs. So, I think these are some good features which will be helpful for startups;

Jobs Portal: This feature will allow startups to share their resumes database and also we will allow candidates to post their resumes for free. Startups in time of need can access these resumes.

Marketplace: Startups can post their abundant resource for barter or for sale. Also startup which is in need of any resource can make use of abundant resource.

Forum: This is one common element which is a part of any community portal.

Directory: Startups can list their company and service in this column.

Blogs: We would request prominent personalities of different sector to write blog in their specialization which will be helpful for startups.

Webinars: Frequent webinars which helps startups in training and knowledge sharing.

Resource Index: This section will contain information like;

  • Startup Due-diligence
  • Docs like Offer letter, Relieving letter, Termination letter, Employee Contracts etc.
  • Business plan writing tips

Contests: Monthly contests with special gifts.

Events Calendar: Update on startup events calendar for events like Proto, Headstart, Startup Saturdays, OCC meets etc.

Kindly pass if you have any other ideas or features I missed. Also we are looking for volunteers to maintain the site. Please soot and email to if you are interested to be a part.

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