Way to raise Kids!!!

Today I was having breakfast with my friend Kannan and I’m must say this was an enlightening breakfast. Kannan was sharing his childhood experience and the way his parents raised him in an Indian lower middle class style. Kannan shared a particular experience where in his mother taught him the value for money. So the story goes like this;

Kannan was a 9 year kid and he insisted his mom to buy him a scented rubber which costs 50 paisa where has his mom been willing to buy him a rubber which coats 10 paisa. Little Kannan got irated with his mom and he was curious to buy the rubber he desired. When he showed his piece of mind to his mom; his mom insisted him to earn that 50 paisa to buy his desired rubber. Our little Kannan who was highly egoistic decided to take up a job to earn for the rubber. He went and requested for petty job of breaking the bricks from the supervisor who was construction his house.

The supervisor after consulting with his mom offered to give him a job to break the bricks. Happy Kannan requested for a hammer to break the bricks from the supervisor. Supervisor said Kannan must posses the kits for the work and asked him to come with a hammer. When Kannan asked him mom for a hammer she said she doesn’t have one. Little Kannan started hunting for hammer from neighbors by 8.30 AM in the sourced a hammer from a hammer by 10.30 AM and he started the work by 10.30.

He worked till 12.30 in the noon and he went for lunch and after lunch he wanted to have a nap for 10 min. He requested his mom to wake him after 10 min and his mom denied the request telling if he is sincere in his job he must be on his own. Being a kid and working in hot sun made him tired and he slept till 4.30 PM. When his woke up he got angry again with his mom for not waking him up and by the time the day has come to an end.

Little Kannan went to the supervisor and asked a wage for the amount of work he did. The supervisor said Kannan that he doesn’t deserve anything for the half-baked work he did and he offered him 50 paisa for the work he did knowing he worked for that 50 paisa. Kannan got angrier on supervisor as he thought he deserved more for the work he did. But Kannan got the money to fulfill his desire and he instantly got the rubber.

When he returned back home his mom asked him to list the things he did from the morning to earn that 50 paisa.

Kannan says that was the day he understood the value of money and his way of seeing things changed. I might have learned this experience of Kannan at a later stage. But as a parent I came to know how I can raise my kids.

I must thank Kannan for sharing his experience and allowing me to post it in my blog.

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