Modhi Vilayaadu thumbs up

modhi-vilayadu-stills-021It is hard to consistently watch good movies and off late I’m lucky enough to watch good movies and I can list Modhi Vilayaadu in the category of movies I enjoyed watching. But why I wanted to blog about is I can find some similarities which happened in my life. How will it be if a person suddenly looses every thing one day? I personally experienced it in my life last year.

Talking about the movie director SARAN has done a cool job and I can place this as his best in the list of movies he has directed. I can feel his friendship with Thalai Ajith as he has used Thalai’s influence where ever possible. He has really narrated the story very well and the twist after the interval is really well executed.

kajal-agarwalThen the heroine of the movie Kajal Agarwal deserves applause. Her expressions are very cure and her childish acting has over shadowed hero’s role the entire first half. To give some weight to Hero in the second half she has been totally eliminated and she hardly comes 4 – 5 scenes in second half. Over all I think she has a bright future and wish her Best Luck!!!

I think Hero Vinay Rai has fit well into the script and the role. Only missing element in the movie is Kala Bhavan Mani. Thought he is a good actor his personality doesn’t fit well for the role.

Other thing I liked is the Title Song and its picturised well. Hariharan, Deva and Lez Lewis have really added great momentum to the song. I’ve added this song in the motivation category of my songs list.

In short it is a must watch movie!!!!

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