ICICI Bank and irony continues…

Again my irony with ICICI bank continues. I posted a blog showcasing my experience with them. You can this blog http://www.anandnataraj.com/me-icici-cibil for more info.

clip_image001Now I received this letter from ICICI bank on 22nd July 2009 which says a Lien was attached on my account for non payment my credit card. It further said they will be doing it within a week from the time they have dated the letter and I received the letter after a week. By that time the money was taken from my account on 21st July 2009. Also in the last line they have specified to call their representative Saravathi specifying two phone numbers that too without an STD code. When I tried calling those number from my mobile which is from Chennai region I got Error on connection. I assume that number is a Mumbai number, but I didn’t try coz I thought it was unnecessary to make an STD call and waste my money.

What surprised me is all this problem happened during the year 2005 and I made a settlement during 2007 and four years from the problem they have taken money from my account and even after two years of making the settlement they have not taken my name from defaulters list. Which means still my name is listed in CIBIL. Thought I didn’t apply for loan recently my credibility has been put on stake for mistake on the part of bank. Even on the first time it was not my mistake but I didn’t want to make it an issue. But again for the second time this Bank has proved they are irresponsible.

I’d like to get help of you readers to take the bank on all possible ways and I’d like to have your experience and thoughts. You can help me by giving

  • Legal opinion
  • Possible methods we can take the bank like thru media, legal, ombudsmen etc.
  • Please let me know if you know anyone from media and would like to expose banks irresponsible acts which causes trauma to customers.
  • Also feel free to post it in your blog, share this in twitter and other social media methods.  

Though the amount is not that big for me it created some issues to me are 

  • Paying attorneys which wasted my money
  • Had to call and inform everyone whom I issued to Cheque to stop doing it and then adjust them which has wasted time and caused unnecessary mental agony.

I want to take the bank and expose their act because banks don’t understand the value of a customer and they take us for granted.

Here is the scanned copy of settlement letter and transaction receipt issued by bank two years back.



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