Invitation to The Most Popular Entrepreneur Challenge 2009

Moving forward with its endeavor of building a strong Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, YourStory launches The Most Popular Entrepreneur Challenge 2009; lead sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials.

Entrepreneurs are unique human beings, as creators and shapers of ideas, they have changed the world. Every Entrepreneur who has ventured forth has done so knowingly that their future is a gamble. Braving the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” they emerged victorious each time. This has been the trait of their race. From endless planning to business models and team building, a modern Entrepreneur chooses to do it all. Statistics, research, facts, and market knowledge are the new tools of an old trade.


However, we seem to have forgotten that the entrepreneur is more than just the sum of his or her parts. As the legacy of our past stirs us post Independence Day, we have looked deep and hard at what makes an entrepreneur. YourStory seeks to rediscover the charisma, leadership, and foresight of the Great Indian Entrepreneur.


For the first time in India, YourStory is conducting a Challenge for Entrepreneurs which will be 100 percent community driven. With all the contests in India primarily being ‘judged’ by experts and panelists, who form ‘their’ opinions on ‘your’ business model, we think that’s its time to change the rule of the game as celebrate entrepreneurship for its spirit purely. No conjecture, posturing and punditry can hope to judge the worth of an Entrepreneur.


If you believe that if it is about you then the people closest to you would be your best judge. After all an Entrepreneur is what an Entrepreneur Does. We believe a great entrepreneur is one who can inspire and lead people around him/her. We think it’s time to test your entrepreneurial zeal and popularity among your peers, clients, vendors, friends and relatives – a litmus test that tests your ‘Appeal Quotient’ and brings to fore a biz mastermind, a consummate entrepreneur and a deserving winner. 


Besides building a strong profile and testimonial page of every participant, the winner of the contest will walk away with a bouquet of prizes that include a cash prize of Rs.50,000/- mentoring by Mumbai Angel Network, Times Private Treaties (part of the Bennett Coleman Group), Planet Aikon and Morpheus Venture Partners, nation-wide coverage and publicity by Yuva magazine, a two month search engine optimization programme by Clearpath Technology worth Rs.25,000/- free web development by LS Solutions and a 6 month long software and application support by Startup Garage.

Registrations open @


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