Once an Entrepreneur, always an Entrepreneur!!

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur!!

Entrepreneurship -my ultimate job…

My parents wanted me to take up a job of their choice, a job that every Tom, Dick & Harry were running for and a job which was a social status… Frankly I wanted to do a job which I could fall in love with..

So, what is it that I love???

I loved to be an ENTREPRENEUR… I wanted to be on my own and employ all those Tom, Dick & Harry to work under me…

What fullfils me??

There are more than one factor that fullfils me for being an entrepreneur;

  • No other job gives me the opportunity to explore!!
  • No other job allows me to fail!!
  • No other job attracts more opposition and criticism on me!!!
  • No other job make people to Hate me and Love me!!
  • No other job allows me to be independent!!
  • No other job exposes me to RISKS!!
  • No other job allows me to do what I want!!!
  • No other job gives me satisfaction!!
  • No other job gives you an opportitunity to create an impact!!
  • No other job gave me the opportunity to be responsible!!!
  • No other job gave me the opportunity to become a true leader!!!

When I’m working on what I love then Money looks Nothing, I’ve learned ways to survive without money and in my experience money keeps following if we perceive…

The Junk in my life & how overcome them!!

I’ve been a very proactive kid in sports, business & extra curricular activities… But I’ve been a underperforming student… My whole capacity was measured based on my academic performance… My own parents crushed my dreams, and pushed me to put that extra effort to excel in what I was not good at(Studies)…

The stigma of being a poor performer in academics made me;

  • Low in self esteem.
  • Low in self confidence.
  • A comedy stock.
  • Live being bullied by above average kids.
  • Live a life of frustration.

Things I was forced to QUIT!!

Sports: I was a naturally gifted athlete & sports person which came from my maternal grandfather, maternal uncle and my mother. Sports Day is the only day I felt like a hero. I had dreams of building a career as a footballer or an athlete. But I was forced to quit because of academic performance.

Fish Breeding: At the age of 12 I started breeding fish at home and was selling to local kids. Made around ₹2000 a month during 1992. My parents forced me to quit, as they believed earning money would bring down my interest in academics.

HDK Dealership: Those were the days of audio cassettes. People use to buy empty cassattes to record their favorate songs. A 90 minute empty cassette costs ₹40 and I use to buy those cassettes to record songs. HDK(or HDC? Could collect the name) was the market leader for its quality!!

One day thought of taking dealership for HDK as local shops were selling low quality cassettes.Immediately wrote a letter to HDK asking dealership. I got a response from them telling they didn’t have a dealership option. But they offered to give a cassette for ₹20 if I could place an order for 100 units. The total investment was ₹2000 and my parents had the money I earned through fish breeding. Again they didn’t give that money and discouraged me to continue..

Movies: My interest on studies was drastically coming down as I couldn’t cope up. Got an opportunity to become a troop dancer in movies. Again I was not allowed to continue as movies are not considered as a career option for person coming from a reputed family..

Finally I took a stand that I wanted to become an entrepreneur when I was 20 and perceived with great difficulties. But I had to come across a lot of junks like;

  • Emotional Blackmail from closed ones!!
  • Discouragement from closed ones & friends!!
  • Pessimism from incompetent stake holders!!
  • Crooks who try to cheat or exploit!!

It is impossible to totally eradicate such people. But I do following things to remove those junk take over me;

  • Associate and Hang-around with Movivated and Like-Minded people!!
  • Watch motivational movies!!
  • Listen to motivational songs!!
  • Read success biographies!!

This is what I do to “Clean House of Junk”…

Every challenge throws an opportunity!! This is how I got my Opportunity!!!

Became an Entrepreneurship against the wishes of my parents during 1st September 2000 a month or two before the dot-com bubble.I remember it was sometime around December 2001, it was already 15 months of entrepreneurship and things were not getting any simple… World was still reeling under dot-com bubble and 9/11 terror attack has only made matters worse and nothing was gloomy… Life became very challenging and cruel to me as;

  • Money due to my mentor & vendors has started accruing.
  • All my efforts of winning a project was hitting to a dead end. 
  • Criticism from friends and family were getting aggressive every passing day.

But every challenging situation throws a opportunity unknown to us!! Like wise an opportunity one day to my dingy office in an oil go-down. The place was hot, dusty and smelled oil everywhere and I had this 10 year experienced US return who came to me asking for a Job. He was too experienced for me to handle and i was not interested give him an offer. But the conversation between us gave me a new dimension.

US Returnee: Hello Sir!!

ME: SIR?? Who Me?

US Returnee: Yes Sir!!

ME: Yes tell me.. How Can I help you??

US Returnee: I’m looking for a Job. Here is my resume.

ME: Resume read 10 years experience, 4 years in US etc etc. OMG!! I Said, you are too experienced to work under me who doesn’t carry any experience.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir! All i need is a job to engage myself. I didn’t want to stay at home and become dumb.

ME: Sorry, I’m not in a position to offer salary. I think you are in a wrong place.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir!! I’ve earned enough money to survive next couple of years. All I need is a job. Pls consider me.

ME: I don’t have any computers to accommodate you.

US Returnee: No Problem Sir!! I’ve a LapTop and I can bring that. Just give me Job & Projects to work thats enough.

ME: Mind Voice “LapTop ah?? I’ve just seen that on TV commercials and on internet”. Then I told him that I’m not in a position to offer him a job.

US Returnee: I’m ready to offer some money for the Job.

ME: I closed the conversation by telling it is not going to work and I was not interested.

But this situation opened an opportunity in life and I thought why not recruit 3-4 freshers and build a product and leverage on that product. The same day posted a walk-in on a Yahoo Groups for Chennai Freshers .

Again this was like a opening up of another devil. I was sleeping and my mother woke me up telling it was a call from mentor. It was 6.30 AM and I picked the phone and here goes the conversation;

Mentor: What did you do?

ME: I did nothing SIR.

Mentor: There are some 200+ people waiting at the entrance of the office.

ME: 200? I made a post for walk-in in Yahoo Group thats it?

Mentor: What ever goto office and see to it that you are talking to the crowd and send them off ASAP.

ME: Ok Sir!! I’ll be there by 8AM and I’ll handle SIR..

I got ready and immediately drove to the spot. To my surprise the crowd has grown to a couple of 1000’s. My mentor has panicked and has sent his staff to tackle the situation. Already I stared shivering and my brain totally stopped working. Even thought of running away from the situation. But I wanted to handle the situation at any cost because I didn’t want the crowd to damage the office.

I Climbed the compound wall and shouted telling I was a startup, till now it is just me and i’m looking for just 4-5 developers. I thought that is it, but to my surprised every individual started pleading to consider them for that 5 opening. There were people who have traveled from Bangalore, Hydrabad & Mumbai for just a Yahoo Group post. That is how the Job Openings became viral during those recession time.

For me coming out of the walk-in was the only thing on my mind. People used every reasons from sympathy factors, to health issues, to parents health issues, to poverty to get a job. One girl was literally crying when she got rejected and then came her father. Her father said;

Sir!! She is my daughter, she is a gold medalist and her self-confidence has gone down. I’ve not seen her like this & i dont want to see her like this. Here is 1,00,000 INR Sir(It was ready cash)!!! Take this and give her a job. That didn’t look like an opportunity. It only made my already panicked mind into more panic and i rejected that offer and sent that man out. Some how i managed to move away from that day..

After moving from that day it was again days of criticism, push from vendors and desperation to succeed. But no where money was coming. That is were i thought why not I call the US Returnee & The Gold Medalist girl and take a Job Deposit from them. Unfortunately I lost their contact.

From then I started to demand deposit for the job which would be returned after a year. Some how I managed to get Job Deposits from 2 recruits. With that money I could settle all my debts and settle all my commitments with 5 months liquidity. With no distraction for 5 months I could turn things by 3rd month and there was no looking back from then.

Life is not a Not Lemonade and this is how I resolved a a situation in early part of my career!!!

My First Entrepreneurship Venture

20130908-184814.jpgI always had flair for entrepreneurship from my childhood days… My first entrepreneurship ride started when I was 12… I use to breed fish during my school days and sell them during summer vacation…

I brought 3 big paint barrels and bread fish… Mostly I bread White Molly, Red Molly and Black Molly… Total investment came to less than Rs.30…

By the time my exams were over there were 100’s of fish on each breed… I sold a pair for Re.2 and fish plants for Re1 and ended up making around 1500 bucks which was a big money for a the investment…

The next year I started breeding Fighter(A breed known for fighting)which breeds by laying eggs Rs.10… I experimented by cross breeding fishes…

  • White Molly + Black Molly gave me Chocolate Molly & White Molly with black dots…
  • Red Molly + Black Molly gave me Red Molly with Black Tail…

This time with lot of variety and by starting the breeding process a bit early, my revenue increased to Rs.6000/- the next year…

Finally I had to abandon this venture owing to my mothers pressure… But this was the foundation to my entrepreneurship and this experience helped me to perceive as an entrepreneur at a later stage…