Today morning I woke up only to hear a bad news that one of our good family friends and one time tenant has committed suicide two days back by hanging herself. I was really angry and had no words to utter. I’ve seen her as an inspirational lady. She was very much enterprising and I heard she was one of the early for women in her town to drive a car. She is known for her courage and talking face to face.

On hearing that she is no more has really upset me. He has a 10 year old kid and she hails from a wealthy family. I’m sure she must have faced many odds in her life before and she has stayed strong. It puzzles me what made her to take such a crazy move.

In Tamil there is a proverb Tharkolai (Suicide) Empathu (Is) Kozhainga (Cowards) Yeducura (Taking) Deiriyamana (Bold) Mudivu (Decision). It make it simple it “Suicide is a Bold Decision taken by Cowards”. After getting emotional I wanted to do some research on why people commit suicide.

Why people commit Suicide?

There is multiple reason for one to commit suicide and there are different types of suicide too…

Some types of Suicide are; 

  • Euthanasia and assisted suicide: This one is something like a mercy killing where in a person who lacks courage to get killed will be helped by some third party to get killed.
  • Murder-suicide: This is a kind of killing where one kills others and finally ends his life. In India off late farmers suicide has become common for poverty. So these farmers with an intention not to make their family suffer after their death kill their family and finally end their life.
  • Suicide attack: This one is common now-a-days in terrorism where in suicide bomber kills himself and innocent people.
  • Self-injury: Self-injury is not a suicide attempt; however, initially self-injury was erroneously classified as a suicide attempt. There is a non-causal correlation between self-harm and suicide; both are most commonly a joint effect of depression.
  • Suicide locations: We all must be familiar with this like we have tourist points like Suicide Point where people commit suicide.
  • Multiple suicides: Some suicides are done under peer pressure or as a group. Mostly terror groups follow this to avoid capture and torture.

Reasons of Suicide; 

  • Anger
  • Love
  • Stigma
  • Behavior
  • Insecurity / fear

Over all there may be plenty of reason but my judgment is Suicide is also a way of terrorism. We don’t have the right to take our own life. Having created us we / our lives are owned by almighty and he knows when to take someone to him. Person committing the act doesn’t know how far it will affect their closed one and put them into unnecessary trauma. As a family friend after knowing this I’m upset and I’m unable to concentrate on any work, imaging how it would have taken a toll on others around them.

Anyways happened is happened and all I can do it prey for her soul to rest in peace.

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