Back to active blogging

It’s been a long break from active blogging. The reason is not that I was busy but it was because of technical issues which took time to get sorted… 

  • My blog and company websites are all hosted in a single host and we have reached a point that we have to move to different host because of support issues.
  • We were unable to transfer the files to new host because of Iframe malware which affected our web server.
  • So we had to clean all the systems in the organization and then we had to clean the web server.
  • Cleaning 30 systems which is used by developers and web server which is also actively hosting all websites is not a small task.
  • Finally after all hard work for last 20 days we finally changed to a new host.

Now I’m happily started blogging. I must thank Kannan & Co for their efforts to make this happen amid all challenges.


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