Something about SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the term given to optimize a website to get listed in Search Engine.

How important is SEO required for a site?

SEO is very vital to get good listing for a site in a search engine. If you want to get your sited listed in top 10 results page of a search engine for a particular Key Word then you have to optimize your site for your Key Word.

Better ranking will result in business conversion.

What is a Key Word?

Goto and search for the term “SEO services firm” and see for results. You will be having would be comming as the 7th result.

What are basic SEO standards for a website?

To get better search results a website must have

  • Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords.
  • Must have maximum one way links. We can get one way links through;
    • Must be bookmarked with social bookmarking sites.
    • Links from other blogs.
    • Links from social networking sites.
  • Publish news about your site in free PR publishing sites.
  • Publish articles about your site.

Is there any firm providing professional SEO services?

There are several firms providing SEO services. But I’ve personally used the services of

Their tariffs are nominal and they are offering high quality services. Their site is also highly informative…

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