Transit at London Heathrow!!

Landed at London Heathrow airport for transit!!! Next is another 12 hour flight to SFO!!!


Got a new address

Starting up is always fun!!! You are always left with limited resources and you keep coming up with ways to counter limitations!!!

One such situation is setting up a corporate office for Temple Town Coffee!!! Though we are fortunate enough to have the support group companies (Cogzidel Technologies Pvt & Cogzidel Consultancy Services) to bootstrap us with required resources and infrastructure, we didn’t want to bother them too much with our request.

Also we didn’t want to disturb the professional culture of those entities with would unruly startup work culture!!

Also we spend most of the time on driving in search of locations and meeting people. So, we found it unnecessary on investing for a office and was working out ways!!!

That is when my co-founder Balki, came with the recommendation of setting up a SOCO(Small Office Car Office). 

Our SOCO includes;

  • Swift Dzire car!!
  • Reliance 4G WIPOD!!
  • 2 Laptops!!
  • One official mobile!!
  • Power Bank!!
  • Portable Power Inverter Adapter!!

A look at our powerful gadgets;

That’s my Laptop!!!
Small Office Car Office Phone
SOCO Phone
Balki’s Laptop

So, mostly we use Truck Bay Lane’s as our office.

This is our new Madurai office address;

Truck Bay Lane
NH7, Nilakottai.

Small Office Car Office
Balki working at T2C’s Small Office Car Office at NH7, Nilakottai.

Since we are not a Technology company, Balki and me decided not to invest on Gadgets. So, we got contentented with gadgets which are not being used by our friends.

I got this broken Laptop of my wife, which is damaged but with small tweaks, uninstalling unnecessary applications and downgraded version of Linux, I’m able to get a good performing system.
This is our customer support phone which was given to Balki by his aunt. 

Also this is Balki’s old Laptop which he uses to work and do some weight lifting exercise ;)!!

I’m fortunate enough to get back to startup life and by comfort zone of breaking and fixing this!!

For now heading to my kitchen to explore the recipe of Karupatti Kaapi!!!

World Entrepreneurship Day

My Festivuswould be World Entrepreneurship Day and I want to celebrate it 24tn February of every year… Yes that happens to be the birth date of Legendary Steve Jobs who taught the world how to dream and how to make dreams come true!!!

How all the day can be celebrated??

  • One entrepreneur all over the world can be awarded World Entrepreneur Award, something on the lines of Nobel or Oscar!!
  • There can be Startup Battlefield and Pitches, conducted for funding!!!
  • Entrepreneur Clubs can be formed, make entrepreneurs as members and raise donations from successful entrepreneur… Those funds can be used for Entrepreneurship Development, something like Rotary Club for social Service!!!
  • Day can be developed like Black Friday & Cyber Monday!!! It should be crazy deals all over the world!!

Why it has to be celebrated??

  • Entrepreneurs help build a nations economy!!
  • Entrepreneurs help in Job Creation!!!
  • Entrepreneurs bring best products and services to the end users!!
  • Entrepreneurs successful or failed add value to society!!! Successful ones become role-models and failed ones becomes mentors!!!

Thanks to WordPress “The Daily Post” for this wonderful topic!!! It made me think of such a day!!! I wish someday 24th February would be celebrated as a grand festival!!! 

Let me try to start it with a small group from this year!!

Looking to Invest & Partner in a Manpower Services Staryup

Looking to partner with a ManPower Consultancy as an investor / mentor / working partner.

These are the specifications for the type of company I’m looking at;

1.) Core competency should be on recruitment services. Preferably a Training and placement company.

2.) Must be a less than a year old startup.

3.) Preferably a sole proprietor company. However, not more than 2 partners.

4.) Must be headquartered in Chennai.

If you are one such startup or you have any reference kindly send an email to

Help select a Logo for Startup Coffee Lounge

Startup Coffee Lounge Logo
Startup Coffee Lounge Logo Contest

Dear Friends,

Opened a contest to design Logo for my Coffee Shop… Created poll to get choose from the 8 logos from 120+ entries… Pls VOTE and help me choose the best one…

Thank You,

Anand Nataraj

Tried TicketGoose & Impressed


Just tried TicketGoose & booking was Simple & Easy compared with already Simple, Easy & Market leader RedBUS… At last there is a competitor for redbus & it is going to be aggressive battle…

I’d give a (y) to TicketGoose… Though I didn’t have any negative experience with redBUS… I just wanted to support a competitor… Thanks for breaking a monopoly Arun Athiappan

Wish good luck to you & your team…