Mein Aur Mrs.Khanna

Mein aur Mrs.Khanna
Mein aur Mrs.Khanna
Yesterday I went to watch the movie Mein Aur Mrs.Khanna starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan & Kareena Kapoor. Before getting into the review let me reveal that I’m a great fan of Sallu. There is no big role for him and I think he must have accepted the movie to boost the career of his brother Sohail Khan who is also the producer of the movie.

Here is the synopsis of the movie.

Salman (Sameer Khanna) & Kareena (Raina Khanna) are couples whose marriage is a Love marriage. The marriage happens against the wish of Salman’s parents and they move to Melbourne, Australia. Salman is of thinking that a successful marriage needs good money and he spends most of his time to build his career and spends less time for his wife than when she was his lover.

On contrary Kareena for his love than money but she accepts him as she loves him a lot. On fine day Mr.Khanna looses his job and he was invited by his friend to join him in Singapore. Mr. Khanna would ask Mrs.Khanna to go to New Delhi until he gets settles. But Mrs.Khanna gets upset with Mr.Khanna and she stays back. This irks Mr.Khanna.

Then in the airport she Meets Sohail Khan (Akash) who works in a coffee shop and falls for Mrs. Khanna at first sight only to know that she is married to Mr.Sameer Khanna and from then he keeps calling her Mrs.Khanna. From then on he starts helping her to get settled in Australia and helps her emotionally and morally.

At one point he had to get married with Mrs.Khanna as she doesn’t have a working visa. By this time Mr.Khanna returns and he finds about this marriage and how Akash has really fallen in love with Mrs.Khanna.

 When Mr.Khanna tells this to Mrs.Khanna she gets upset with Mr.Khanna and she wants to make things straight before going back with Mr.Khanna. She meets Akash when she was about to depart that if he (Akash) lover her? For which Akash says Mr. & Mrs. Khanna are best pair. Mrs.Khanna thanks him and says he is her best friends and boards flight with Mr.Khanna.

After boarding the flight she gets a Bouquet of flowers from air hostess telling that was a gift from Mr.Khanna. Mrs.Khanna thanks Mr.Khanna for the gesture. Then Mr. Khanna asks her to read the note. 

It will have a small message of love with signature Akash Khanna. Only then she (Mrs.Khanna) realizes why Akash has called her Mrs.Khanna every time and him telling Mr.  & Mrs.Khanna is good couples. 

I don’t know how many people would like the movie. But I personally liked the movie for;

  • Sohail Khan’s performance.
  • The way things are narrated and revealed in climax.
  • Last but not least the climax with Deepika Padukone.

Full marks to Director & Sohail. Hope Sohail Khan career takes up soon. He is far better actor than Saif Ali Khan and deserves more. Best Luck Sohail.

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