Am I still a ShahRukh Fan?

I’ve known ShahRukh Khan for 21 years now. Those days we had not other option to watch Doordarshan and every day we use to watch Hindi serials between 8 PM to 9.30 PM. As my mother knows Hindi she uses to translate it to me. One such serial we use to watch every day was Fauji starring ShahRukh Khan during 1988. I was too young (I was in Class four) then and I didn’t know she is going to be a big Super Star then.

Then again I use to watch the serial Circus starring ShahRukh Khan after 2 years which was aired every Sunday by 10 PM. I use to sleep only after watching this serial. Even then I was not a fan of Shan Rukh Khan as he was a serial actor.

Then three years later I watched the movie Baazigar only because of ShahRukh. I wanted to watch the movie of a person whom I’ve seen in television. I was really carried away by his acting. Then immediately I watched his next film Darr and it was this movie which made me a fan of him. I was his die-hard fan even before he has created a mark for himself.

Then I started watching all his movies and the next one was Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and I really loved this movie as he portrayed a role of a below average student who fails in his exams and get the irk of his parents. It correlated with my life those days. These movies started cementing my admiration towards this great actor.

Then I watched the Movie Anjaam where he portrayed the role of a Villain and I became his brand ambassador. Then I went back and watched all the movies which released before Baazigar and I didn’t miss any of his movies till date even it was a crap movie like English Babu Desi Mein.

Those days I get irked when Salman or Amir gives a hit and ShahRukh gives a flop. When Salman came with Hum Aapke Hein Kaun I was eagerly awaiting for ShahRukh to give one better than HAHK and he gave Dilwale Duhania Le Jayenge and this movie got more fans for him and many of my classmates accepted him as their Super Star and the brand ambassador was none other than me.

Today he has come a long day and I’ve been his fan for long. I’ve also been his brand ambassador for long. Today when I do a soul searching I don’t know if this man still impresses me? Is he over doing these days? Has he become too big to satisfy every section of his fan base? Has he moved away from his image which made me admire him?

Or did I become sensible by coming out of dark from hero worshipping? Is Amir  & Salman are inspiriring me than ShahRuck? Is his mass appeal has taken me away form him? Or arrival of next generation has diluted my admiration towards him?

What ever the case may be I’m still a good admirer of ShahRukh Khan. Not sure if I still act like his brand ambassador or a great Fan. I didn’t watch his movie Billu Barber which is the first movie which I missed watching. I’ve moved a long way from my Icon and I’ve started pushing for Shahid Kapoor and Sallu now-a-days as  they are giving movies for my taste.

So, to my question the answer is I’m no longer a great fan of ShahRukh Khan.


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