How to Finish a Task with Bureaucrats?

Last week it was the end of month long agony with bureaucrats. There is a common phenomenon with bureaucrats.

  1. They are lazy.
  2. They never accountability.
  3. They are irresponsible.
  4. They are corrupt and crocked.
  5. They won’t offer information on one go. Eg: Every time we make a visit they send us back telling one correction or other.

Over all for a work which should not have taken more than 3 days took 25 days to finish it. But the experience gained in phenomenal. I had two types on experience in Coimbatore & Bangalore.

  • One place i was not allowed to deal from the top and i was totally not accessible with the concerned person in the top.
  • Second place i was asked to deal with the Top directly.

In my experience both as challenging. In one case we can proceed with the work without having any one to deal with. In second case dealing from the Top expensive. So this is how i dealt with Case 1.

  • I met the Professional Tax Officer on second day and he took the documents and he didn’t give me his phone number.
  • Then again he was not approachable in office.
  • Then i caught hold of the Peon who gave me all information and called the officer everything i visited their office or gave me updates on the progress when i called him from Chennai.

Over all job got over after 15 days because of Bureaucratic delays and after constant followups. Totally i spent Rs.80/- for the peon for his help. I cant consider this as Bribe because he helped me for a job which was not his responsibility and for picking calls and linking with the concerned officer. Here Bottom-up approach helped.

Then in Case 2.

  • Officer was always available in Office.
  • Was directly dealing with the Department Head.
  • Bribe insisted was Huge.
  • We denied to offer bribe and we paid the entire penalty.
  • I was made to run everyday asking for more details / information / document.

Finally PTO said he can’t give me the certificate without giving him some Professional Fee (This is the term he uses for Bribe) and finally i had to bow down and make him some Professional Fee. I was deeply upset because PTO made me run to his office at least 11 times and i produced all nonsense information he requested and finally ending up paying him a bribe.

I behaved like a common man standing helpless and bow down to business pressure. Let me see when all this will change?


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